Bigg Boss 16 is hosting a varied range of contestants from different walks of life. While Bigg Boss has to urge some of them to speak more, others just can’t stop speaking. As the show is progressing, we are getting to see some more shades of their personalities. So, considering that, here are some alternate career options for Bigg Boss 16 contestants based on their personalities that we have witnessed on the show.

1. Shalin Bhanot – Chicken Shop Owner

Shalin Bhanot and his love for chicken is well-known both inside and outside of the Bigg Boss house. With that in mind, he should probably get a job in a chick shop, that way he will always have an endless supply of chicken.

2. Tina Datta – Lecturer

Tina doesn’t just play the game, she also lectures other contestants on how they should be playing the game. Considering how preachy she is, she could be a teacher or a lecturer.

 bigg boss 16 contestant career
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3. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia – CEO

Nimrit Kaur is definitely a strong player in the Bigg Boss house. She is authoritative, handled her team well, and always has valid arguments whenever there are some fights. Thanks to her strategy, authority and team spirit, we think she could be a CEO of some big conglomerate.

4. Abdu Rozik – Therapist

If there is one person who is always there for people, lending an ear whenever they need and giving them sound advice, it is Abdu Rozik. And for that reason, we think he could be a good therapist.

 bigg boss 16 abdu rozik
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5. Sumbul Touqeer Khan – Professional Crier

An ancient tradition, professional criers or professional mourners are basically people who are invited to funerals to cry. Considering how much Sumbul cries, this could be an ideal alternate career option for her.

 bigg boss 16 contestant career

6. Gautam Singh Vig – Boyfriend for rent

Remember that story of a guy who started renting himself as a boyfriend? Or that regional app that lets you rent a boyfriend? Well, we think ‘boyfriend for rent’ could be a good alternate career option for Gautam Singh Vig.

7. Manya Singh – Fortune Teller

Well, the former Miss India runner up Manya Singh, did predict her elimination, so she could probably be a decent fortune teller.

 bigg boss 16 contestant job
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8. Soundarya Sharma – Nutritionist

Soundarya Sharma has often been seen on the show talking about veganism and her vegan diet, based on that, we think she could be a nutritionist.

 bigg boss 16 contestant job

9. Gori Nagori – Politician

Considering how Gori Nagori is trying to be in the good books of everyone, and going to some extent – remember that whole besan thingy? – she can most definitely be a good politician.

10. Shiv Thakare – Strategist

If there’s someone who is playing the game and playing it well, it would most definitely be Shiv Thakare. This former Bigg Boss Marathi winner means business and can alternatively be a good strategist.

12. Ankit Gupta – Professional Roaster

He doesn’t speak much but when he speaks, boy! what a movie-worthy dialoguebaazi he does! We are talking about Bigg Boss 16 contestant Ankit Gupta. He gives amazing one-liner comebacks and can definitely be a good roaster.

13. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary – Politician

Just like Gori Nagori, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary could be a good politician too. She is a bit controlling and gets into other people’s businesses to keep forward her own agenda – a total politician move.

 bigg boss 16 contestant career

14. Archana Gautam – Prime Time News Anchor

Archana Gautam is the Arnab Goswami of the Bigg Boss house. No matter what the conversation, she just won’t let anyone else speak. She could most definitely be a prime-time news anchor, even if the nation doesn’t wanna know.

 bigg boss 16 contestant career

15. Sajid Khan – School Principal

Sajid Khan keeps telling everyone what is good, what’s not, what they should do and what they shouldn’t. He even got mad when Soundarya didn’t call him sir in one of the episodes – total school principal vibe.

bigg boss 16 sajid khan

16. MC Stan – Fashion Influencer

I mean, look at the man. MC Stan’s fashion sense is next level. If he ever has second thoughts about his rapping career, he could most definitely become a fashion influencer.

bigg boss 16 mc stan

What do you think could be the alternate career options for Bigg Boss 16 contestants? Let us know in the comments below.