The host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah has postponed his tour Loud and Clear in the wake of coronavirus outbreak across the world.

In a tweet posted earlier, he said:

In support of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) effort to inform and help individual communities slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, I will be postponing all tour dates for the next month.

Distancing and isolation are the need of the hour and keeping that in mind Trevor has also cancelled the shoot of The Daily Show, for a week.

He had first decided to shoot the show without an audience but now, it has been cancelled for a few days altogether, to make sure everyone is safe.

He was supposed to come to India next month, with date for Mumbai being April 9 and Delhi, April 11. However, seeing the current state of affairs, even that seems unlikely.

His is not the only tour or an event that has been cancelled due to coronavirus. Since the outbreak, people across the globe have taken the decision of calling off any kind of gathering