If you got the chance to watch episode 4 of Koffee With Karan (season 7), then we’re sure you caught a glimpse of the fun banter that went on between Ananya Panday, Vijay Deverakonda and Karan Johar. 

But here’s a little something we noticed as we sat down to watch the episode; it’s that, both Ananya Panday and her co-guest Vijay Deverakonda were being very much like their zodiac signs. 

Deverakonda is a Taurus as he is born on the 9th of May, and Panday is a Scoprio as her birthday falls on the 30th of October. Check it out and see for yourselves how they were both like every other Taurus and Scorpio duo out there: 

1. Right in the beginning of the show Karan Johar asked Ananya what she thought of Arjun Reddy and she was clear about how she would never tolerate abuse in a relationship. And if you have Scorpio friends, then we’re sure you know just how much they know what they want in a relationship and what they don’t want either. 

2. Also, when Panday said she can remember people’s phone passwords. I mean, is there anything more Scorpio-like than someone who knows all the tea on people (even their passwords)? 

3. Have you ever met a Taurus who doesn’t like food? Or declines and minds food at any given time in the day? Well, Vijay Deverakonda low-key showed us exactly that when he said he doesn’t mind cheese. 

4. Ananya reminding Karan Johar that hickeys aren’t always on people’s necks is proof of why Scorpios are considered gurus when it comes to sex and physical intimacy. 

5. And like a true Taurus, Vijay Deverakonda was extremely practical and showed us how he understands the reality of the world when KJo asked him about nepotism. Tauruses are generally very realistic, which is why they have a good understanding of how much hard work they have to put in to accomplish their goals. 

6. When Ananya Panday was asked who’s on her dating radar, and she said ‘everyone!’ She couldn’t have been more of a Scorpio, because when Scorpios date, they DATE. 

7. Also, out of all the zodiac signs only Scorpios have mastered the art of having a fulfilling dating/love life while also keeping it private, much like Panday. So when she was asked about her dating history, she clearly said it was time for her to be discreet. 

8. BUT at the same time, never does a Scorpio back away from flirting and letting their love interests know they are into them. Which is why, it seems, Ananya Panday asked her Liger co-star why he never hit on her. 

9. And the fact that Deverakonda was super sweet in answering her question by saying that she was in a relationship proves that he’s a total Taurus (being old school, and respectful y’know?).

10. There are exceptions, but Tauruses are usually quite traditional and a little old school, so it isn’t surprising that Vijay Deverakonda said he’s an old soul!

11. When the Gehraiyaan star was asked if she’s jealous of her contemporaries and she clearly said that there is no jealousy, but healthy competition. Because yes, Scorpios never shy away from competition or wanting to excel at something they love. 

12. The fact that Vijay Deverakonda said that he wants to be a one-woman man for life, points to how he believes in old school romance and committment. And if that isn’t Taurus-like, then I don’t know what is?

13. When Karan Johar asked the Liger star how he would feel if he was asked to endorse condoms and he gave the most practical, down-to-earth and intelligent response. Because again, if anything, Tauruses are practical AF. 

14. When Deverakonda talked about what drove his ambition and his desire to keep going as an actor. 

He said he enjoyed the luxury that came with being an actor but also felt proud that he is representing so many young men who come from middle-class families and still dream of making it big in the film industry. If you’ve got Taurus friends, you know they love luxury, the finer things in life, but are equally humble and grounded about why they’re doing what they’re doing. 

15. When Ananya Panday talked about how much she really values her family and her close friends. Because, Scorpios are considered super loyal and ‘ride-or-die’ type of people! 

Send this to all your Scorpio and Taurus friends and tell us if we got these right in the comments!

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