From mocking adulthood, to critiquing new movies, wit and sarcasm is the new cool. Realities of growing up are shared through sarcastic posts, a minimalist Instagram picture or a meme that exactly shows what Monday morning feels like. We are dealing with adulthood, through memes, jokes, GIFs and status updates. And to be honest, it is fun.

Taking the sarcastic stake on life, Anna Kendrick uses 140 characters and gives us the honest take on life. They range from not wanting to socialize to struggling to maintain a healthy diet. Wit, sarcasm, the plain truth and 140 characters are what make these tweets so damn funny! 

We present to you Anna Kendrick’s brutally honest tweets about life. They’re so true that you just can’t help but laugh!

Oh well, there is not much that we can do about it.

Yes, the joy of unshaven legs!

For all those mean status updates:

Adult? Who?

I. Hate. Kids.

Laundry is such a complicated task.

I stop functioning. Period.

When the feels weren’t meant to be:

Why don’t you get my sense of humor?!

 People. Ugh.

All that melodrama is too much to handle.

How (not) to diet.

Babies and sweet? I think you’re mistaken.

All mine!

Stop testing me, Word.

Imagine all that sugar and sweetness and…just you.


I am trying to adult here, I swear.

Do not disturb.

Phbbt! *hair flip*

There goes one more genius piece of creativity down the drain.

I’m sure no one has found out yet.

True love.

I’m so fancy!

 Are you SURE? 

And that’s as real as life can get in 140 characters!