There’s no doubt that celebrities are expected to get their pictures clicked by their fans all the time. While some celebrities oblige, others might not want to be photographed at all.

Recently, Salman Khan lost his temper at a fan because he wouldn’t stop taking selfies with the actor, even after he clearly disapproved.

In a clip shared by a paparazzi account, Viral Bhayani, the actor was heading to promote his upcoming movie. As he was getting his pictures clicked by the paparazzi present there, a fan came up to him and the actor even posed with him for the paparazzi.

However, the fan wanted to take a selfie. The actor informed his fan that the paparazzi are taking their pictures and said “Le raha hai na.

Nevertheless, the fan didn’t put down his phone and kept adjusting the angle for a selfie.

The actor got pretty irritated and said, “Naachna band kar." Then, the fan finally gave up and stopped taking pictures. 

You can watch the entire clip here:

Note: All the images are taken from the clip unless specified otherwise.