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I have grown up listening to my mom talk about how she waited every Sunday to watch an episode of Mahabharat when she was a kid. There was neither enough content available nor the resources that would bring us that content. But times have tremendously changed for the good now. There's not only content that's available to the mass but is also tailored to match everyone's needs and preferences. Due to this availability of niche content, now we don't have to forcibly watch anything, ever. 

But if you're still confused, we'll help you out. Answer these personality questions and we'll recommend a show that you should definitely check out! 


What do you find yourself doing the most in your free time?

Whenever there's a party, what is your biggest concern?

What is the one thing that you cannot live without?

What is a complete red flag for you on a first date?

And finally, pick one of these categories.