So you secretly consider yourself to be as cool as Bond. James Bond. Don't we all? But the actual question is, which one though? The debonair secret agent has been wowing us with his mythic heroism for over 60 years, 27 movies, and 12 actors! It's about time you 007 buffs get more specific about which of these versions you're most likely to be. 


Are you more suited to investigate a KGB policy and kill all Czechoslovakian enemy spies or take down a private banker allying with terrorists in a high-stakes game of poker at Casino Royale? We've got a fun quiz to help you find out. But no matter what you are, you'll still be able to join Daniel Craig (one last time!) as Bond on his mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist in 'No Time To Die' which is finally premiering on Amazon Prime Video on 4th March! 

Okay, but for now, let's find out which version of James Bond you secretly are, shall we? 

1. How deadly do you consider your bare hands to be?  

2. James Bond loves a good Martini- shaken, not stirred. What about you? Which of these classic cocktails is for you?

3. You have been disarmed and your hands are tied. You have nothing but only your wits to fight the enemy. How does this make you feel?

4. Choose a location for your next mission

5. How many friends do you have?

6. What’s your weapon for self-defence?

7. Choose a classic car to drive 

8. If not an international spy, what career will you have?

9. How good a gambler are you? 

10. How reliant on technology are you? 

11. What else would you want your car to act as? 

12. Lastly, have you ever been in love?