Irrespective of how old, successful or accomplished we might become, doing something for our parents will always be one of the biggest sources of joy and pride, for most of us! 

And that’s exactly what Anupam Kher exhibited in this beautiful gesture, where he bought a house for his mother to call her own. 

A pic I like. Hope you do too.:) #JustLikeThat

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Anupam Kher has always been very vocal about his heritage, of being a Kashmiri Pandit, and the struggles that his family faced. Perhaps it is such past experiences only, that make this moment all the more special. 

Called Kherwadi, the house is in Shimla and the Kher family has recently moved into it. It is truly heartening to see that despite the fame, success and honor that Anupam Kher has earned in his life as an actor, he is just as close to his roots as ever. 

Here’s a glimpse of the beautiful house, and all that he and his mother have to say for it.

Here’s Anupam Kher’s mom, welcoming viewers to Kherwadi, a la Tulsi Virani style! 

Clearly, his mother’s joy knew no bounds, when she reached a place she could call home. 

And obviously when the head of the family is happy, the family is happy. Look at that love! 

Anupam Kher was quick to share moments of the family enjoying their new house. 

Another pic of the people in KHERWADI.:) #DularisNewHouse #PujaToday

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And it is abundantly clear that Dulari (Anupam Kher’s mom) has truly found a moment of joy and love. Happy faces are the prettiest faces! 

Since Anupam Kher started sharing his journey to owning Kherwadi on social media, the support that fans shared was overwhelming, something that he was clearly grateful for! 

A beautiful gesture indeed!