Anupama Chopra calls Rustom a baffling movie. The film starring Akshay Kumar, is based on the sensational Nanavati case, which took place in Mumbai in 1959. Calling the film uninspiring, Chopra feels the movie is half-baked. 

“To begin with, the screenplay is inert, especially in the first half. The second half, which is almost entirely set in a courtroom, has more vigour. Usha Nadkarni, playing Rustom’s maid, gets a standout moment. But the world in Rustom never fully comes to life because the characters don’t feel authentic. The women – Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta – flit around in fifties fashion. I spent some time marveling at the rigid curls in their hair. Esha, playing Vikram’s sister, keeps narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips.”, says Chopra in her review.

For her, the film doesn’t explore dynamics of the strained husband-wife relationship. Instead, it revolves around heroism, corruption and courtroom dramatics.

She rated it with two stars.

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