Everything from the hormonal changes to the physical changes that occur during pregnancy have a significant impact on how a lot of women see themselves, their self-confidence. And so, when an icon, and celebrity like Anushka Sharma recently spoke about how she’s come to embrace her post baby body, we felt the the need to really highlight her words!

In an interview the producer and actor talked about how she was afraid that she’ll hate her body after giving birth. Because, let’s face it, women are constantly under the pressure to look perfect. And that pressure continues during pregnancy as well.  

Only a week ago, I was telling a friend how afraid I was because of this pressure that’s thrust upon women to look a certain way, even before they become mothers, before they get pregnant, and definitely after they’ve had a baby. Despite being somebody who is fairly self-aware, I was worried. I kept thinking – am I going to hate my body?

-Anushka Sharma told Grazia

And then, true to her bold self the Anusha Sharma talked about how she has achieved a sense of comfort with her body. 

My body’s not as it used to be; it’s not as toned as it was. And I’m working towards it because I like to be fit. Having said that, I am so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was before, even when I had that perfect body.

-Anushka Sharma told Grazia

And what’s even more commendable is how the actor knows that it’s important that she feels comfortable in her skin so that her daughter never grows up learning a narrative of feeling bad about her own body. 

You have to be accepting of the body that’s done something so profound and miraculous for you. I’d never want my daughter to grow up with that sense of lacking that we’re always made to feel as women. Ultimately, it’s all about perspective. The girl who has the ‘perfect’ body can still not feel great while the girl who doesn’t have a body that aligns with societal beauty standards can still, be immensely confident.

-Anushka Sharma told Grazia

We’re so glad that she’s spoken out about this, it’s important that we see women be authentic about their journeys, so as to learn from them and be the same.