If there’s one cartoon show that is loved equally by all, it’s Tom and Jerry. Yeah, like there’s nothing to not like about it. And the best part is you can watch it anytime. It’s like a therapy for most of us.

Recently we stumbled upon this video on Twitter, that shows the most iconic funny moments from the cartoon show Tom and Jerry moulded in sculputures.

Further research revealed that there’s a Twitter account that posts a side-by-side comparison of a funny still from the show and the sculpted character.

And once I started scrolling through this page, I couldn’t stop. How could I? 

It is like the best ever nostalgia trip down the memory lane. All those moments when we died laughing while watching Tom & Jerry flashed again in front of us.

Remember all those moments when Tom and Jerry would run after each other’s lives?

It was a war-like scene at my home, with me and my brother taking sides. I in particular always supported the evil genius that Tom was.

All those times when Jerry would piss off Tom and he landed in awkward situations. 

Like this….

… and this.

Ah! It was super crazy and fun watching these two create the most lovable mayhem.