If you thought Camila & Shawn rocked Señorita‘, wait till you listen to Baba Sehgal’s Hindi version of it i.e ‘Sarita’.   

Our very own desi rapper– Baba Sehgal has come out with a new song which is inspired by Señorita and it’s just a little more addictive than the original one. 


Now play the groovy tunes of  ‘Senorita’ in your head and imagine Baba Sehgal singing this:  

Rakha hai teri mom ne naam Sarita, likhi hai meine tere lia kavita. 
Suraihi jaie gal-la-la-la-la-la. Ring mein leke aaya, flat bhi sell kariaya.

The more the merrier!

Just like Daler Mehndi‘s Tunak Tunak, a trio of Baba Sehgal has won hearts with his cover. 

‘Sarita’ is clearly a hit amongst Netizens. 

BRB, can’t stop listeing to ‘Sarita’ on a loop.