Before Chhapaak picked the topic of acid attack survivors, there was Uyare, a Malayalam movie released in 2019. The film is told through the eyes of Pallavi, an aspiring pilot whose career is derailed when her ex-boyfriend throws acid on her face. This film has its share of glitches, but the powerful performances by Parvathy Thiruvothu, Tovino Thomas and Asif Ali cover them up and put across its important message. Here are six reasons why you need to watch this movie on Netflix

It gets toxic masculinity right 

Unlike Kabir Singh, in which the directors spent all their time trying to prove that Kabir has a ‘good heart,’ Uyare does not shield its toxic lead. Govind is possessive, forces her to ask him for ‘permission’ and loses his shit when she doesn’t wear the clothes she told him she was going to. The man is not in his right mind, and Uyare lets you come to that conclusion. 

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She doesn’t continue making excuses for him 

Thankfully, when Pallavi does come to terms with the fact that Govind is standing in the way of her happiness, she decides to leave him. She isn’t ready to leave the country just because he wants to, and it’s refreshing to watch a female lead who (unlike Preeti) has a voice of her own. 

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It talks about the courage & support an acid attack survivor needs

After Govind attacks her with acid, Pallavi is enraged but she has a heartwarming relationship with her father and her best friend that keeps her going. Not just that, the film also shows her interacting with other survivors and learning how to love herself again. 

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It doesn’t make her a ‘victim’

Despite everything Pallavi goes through, she still refuses to see herself as a victim. She takes her case to court and even finds another way to reach the sky after she’s deemed unfit to be a pilot. Her grit and determination will leave you inspired. 


She doesn’t need a knight in shining armour, just a friend

Pallavi proves that the solution to every problem in your life is not falling for a rich, successful boy. When Vishal comes along, aiding her in her goals, she treats him like a best friend, because she doesn’t need ‘saving’ she just needs some faith. 


Nothing stands in the way of her achieving her dreams

She achieves her goals, she flies high and even though the world stands against her, she redefines what beauty means. Pallavi inspires you, to never give up. Which is what makes Uyare a worthwhile watch. 


There is no token feminism 

This film doesn’t pretend to be feminist, because the storyline speaks for itself. Pallavi’s character doesn’t need to be held but doesn’t shy away from people who choose to help her. Uyare gives us the perfect female-centric film. 

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Parvathy leaves you dumbstruck

Pallavi doesn’t raise her voice, but her expressions say it all. Parvathy Thiruvothu as Pallavi is an actress who doesn’t need to fit into the ‘ideal’ actress stereotype. Through the film, her clothes are simple, her hair is unkempt and her curves aren’t hidden, which makes it easier to relate to her. 

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Don’t worry about the subtitles, this film is totally worth it.