You never know where or how you’ll run into your true love. If you still don’t think that is true, you haven’t seen enough Bollywood movies. However, it absolutely did happen to this Bengaluru couple. A man took to Reddit to share his “peak Bengaluru” experience, describing how he and his wife once became trapped because of construction on the Ejipura flyover.

He was dropping her off one day when the Ejipura flyover construction caused them to be stuck up in traffic. This was before they got hitched and were just friends. They both decided at this point to take a different path out of the crowded place because they were both hungry. And their story began when they went out to dinner together at that time.

Five years have passed; the couple, who were buddies at the time this incident happened, dated for three years before becoming married two years ago. The flyover that united them is, oddly, still being built.

The folks who live in the city were not at all shocked or surprised by this humorous episode, which is possible in Bengaluru. Twitter users actually related with the scenario.

Bengaluru traffic has long been a cause of annoyance for many, but it seems to be a godsend for a select few.