There’s no doubt about the fact that finding a rented flat in our nation is nothing less than a pain in the neck. From no visitors being allowed to having a meeting and bonding with them, landlords have the weirdest rules and requirements.

In the latest incident, a woman dealt with an absurd set of rules for renting a flat.

Indian Lardlord
Credits: Twitter

Ruchita, a social media user, took to her account and shared how each broker asks her if she’s married because married people deserve a house more. Along with the tweet, she attached a screengrab of her conversation with a broker.

The real estate broker, who was asked if the owner was willing to rent the house to two women, asked if she would throw parties at the flat. She, obviously, didn’t like the question and asked him to show her a different flat.

Indian Landlord
Credits: Upad

In his next message, the broker informed her that there was a new flat but the rule, set by the landlord of the flat, is that “parties and male friends” are not allowed. She firmly declined the offer and told him that they don’t want landlords who are so controlling.

Indian Lardlord
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While some joked that they should “pretend” to have husbands, other netizens were quite furious with the entire situation. Here’s what they think:

You can read the entire post here:

The ordeals that women go through! *SIGH*