Some movies can have a great impact on us.

They can change our perspective towards things.

Hardik Mehta’s Har Kisse Ke Hisse: Kaamyaab, is one such movie.

A film about ‘side actors’ who could never become ‘stars’, it showcases the rejections and struggles of actors in the film industry.

Conversations from the film, some more, some less, remain with the viewers long after it is over.

1. When a TV reporter, who comes to interview Sudheer (Sanjay Mishra), tells him that his dialogue ‘Bas enjoying life aur option hi kya hai’ is still quite popular among the current generation.

2. And then he goes on to compare side actors with ‘potatoes’.

3. When the reporter tries to convince Sudheer that people still value and love him, his reply showcases the sad reality of Indian cinema.

4. When Gulati (the casting director) auditions Sudheer for his 500th role and Sudheer is unable to change his old ways.

5. The heartwarming moment when Sudheer talks about old things and memories to his friend Mehra.

6. When Sudheer’s daughter tries to bring him to terms with reality.

7. This conversation when Sudheer’s neighbour was leaving for a vacation and Sudheer was worried about her pet cat.

8. When Sudheer speaks his famous dialogue and gets an amazing response from the audience at his granddaughter’s school annual function.

9. All through his career of 499 films, Sudheer is known by his stage name and that one dialogue. Sudheer aka Shera leaves the audience in tears when he speaks about his true identity on stage.

Deep and thought-provoking, it is hard to forget these conversations and dialogues.