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It’s rare when we get to see movies and shows that portray female characters without any problematic elements. So when it comes to the portrayal of female friendships, it’s likely to be underrepresented. Most of the time, women characters are either objectified or pitted against each other. But, over time, we caught some stories that have rightly captured female friendships on screen, and it’s beautiful to take a look at them.   

1. Gangubai & Kamli: Gangubai Kathiawadi

Gangubai Kathiawadi was a stark reminder of the rights and dignity the sex workers deserve in our society. Nonetheless, the movie also cherished the bond between two women, Kamli & Gangubai. The character Kamli essayed by Indira Tiwari, supported Gangubai to survive in Kamathipura’s brothels and eventually became her best friend.  

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2. Ila & Mrs. Deshpande: The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox was an intimate portrayal of lives in Mumbai centered around the near-flawless dabbawala system. But what stuck with me was the friendship that Ila & Mrs. Deshpande shared by mere exchanging notes from their windows. We never really get to see Mrs. Deshpande, but the way the two share recipes, gossip, & Hindi music is a delight to watch. 

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3. Aimee & Maeve: Sex Education

No wonder Sex Education talked about things that our education system should have. That said, the show has many moments that stand in solidarity with female friendships. From supporting Aimee to reporting the sexual offender to promising to be each other’s mom, the show made somehow set some friendship goals for us.


4. Penelope & Eloise: Bridgerton

Apart from being obsessed with the Duke and Lord Viscount, Bridgerton also gave me something else to adore. The friendship between Eloise and Penelope. Despite being the opposite of each other, the way the two of them stick around each other in their highs and lows is endearing to watch. 

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5. Monica & Rachel: Friends

Do we even need a reason to love Friends? Indeed, the show is forever on the top of our binge-watch list. But hey, can we take a moment to appreciate the friendship between Rachel and Monica? The fact that Monica didn’t let Rachel’s relationship with Ross come in between their friendship proves how strong their bond was.  


6. Zeenat & Meera: Dor

Dor taught us many valuable lessons about hope, courage, selflessness & friendship. The story of Meera and Zeenat from Rajasthan depicts the patriarchal setup widows go through. However, the way Meera & Zeenat connect over stringent conditions gives them hope to live better lives for themselves.  


7. Rani & Champa: Parched

Sometimes we bond over our vulnerabilities and end up being good friends! The story of Lajjo & Champa draws on similar grounds as they understand each other’s pain- since both of them live under society’s oppression. Together the trio of Lajjo, Champa & Bijli find comfort and live life on their own terms. 

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8. Rani & Vijaylaxmi: Queen

Queen was an iconic film and still holds a special place in our hearts. The comfort Vijaylaxmi offers Rani when they meet in Paris is heartwarming and serves as the best example of female friendships. 

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9. Paro & Chandramukhi: Devdas

While we often come across stories where women are pitted against each other, Devdas was different. Despite being in love with the same man, Chandramukhi and Paro respect each other’s conditions and don’t see each other as competitors. 

11. Elena & Bonnie: Vampire diaries

Talk about friends being family, and the friendship between Elena & Bonnie pops in my head. For me, one of the highlights of the show was how raw and real the friendship between Elena and Bonnie was. 


Indeed, we root for more such amazing content. 

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