With movies barely releasing in theatres, we all relied on web series to keep us entertained this year and thankfully, they did a good job. We saw some great Indian content on the internet that won us over completely. Here are the web series for 2021 that broke the mould and gave us something different:

1. Maharani

Huma Qureshi plays the lead in this series where a woman is forced to take the CM seat after the death of her husband. She has some impactful monologues and single-handedly sets this show apart.  

2. November Story

This Tamil crime thriller gave us a strong female lead with Tamannaah and touched upon what the battle against Alzheimer’s looks like, all wrapped into an engaging storyline. 

3. Tabbar

Shot in Hindi and Punjabi, this crime thriller narrates the toll a murder takes on an ordinary family. It definitely explored concepts that web series have never ventured towards before. 

4. The Married Woman

Set in the 90s, this romantic drama based on Manju Kapur’s book of the same name, showed bisexuality, falling in love outside of an unhappy marriage and heartbreak in a profound and poetic way. 

5. The Empire

This fiction period drama is something that a web series has never tried before, not at this scale. A GoT style set-up with an over-the-top storyline, The Empire definitely took the jump to try something new. 

6. Bombay Begums

This series was helmed by five ambitious women and they definitely gave us some relatable and bold moments that set this show apart. 

7. Vadham

This web series stars Sruthi Hariharan as a cop who isn’t afraid of breaking the rules to solve a murder. Shot in Tamil and dubbed in Telugu and Hindi, Vadham is a must-watch solely for Sruthi’s impactful performance. 

8. Dil Bekaraar

Based on the novel, Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan, this show is a refreshing adaptation that for a change does justice to the book. 

9. Navarasa

This anthology series explored the nine human emotions of the Indian aesthetic theory. Helmed by Mani Ratnam, Siddharth and Parvathy Thiruvothu win you over with their performances. 

How many have you watched?