The most talked about television show, Bigg Boss 16, is getting juicy and sassy every day. From fighting over avocados to following the new patterns of captaincy, BB house has something new to watch.

Archana is now the new captain of the house, and this news itself has landed a lot of drama in the house. We picked some of the best moments from the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, and it’s full of dhamaka.

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1. Karan Johar and Bigg Boss chat.

We have KJO in the house and this news has already left us excited. Bigg Boss and Karan have nicknames for each other – BB and KJo. Karan is warned not to speak in English and follow all the rules of Bigg Boss house. He also mentions how he’s loving the Bigg Boss house vibe.

2. Archana is striving hard to keep her captaincy.

Right since Archana became the captain of the house everyone in the house took it as a mission to harass her. From doing dharna to not listening to her, we had a lot to look at. Nimrit and Manya, including others, planned schemes to irritate her.

3. Abdu Rozik is the best entertainer in the BB house.

He is the cutest contestant on the show, and we all love him. From performing in Salman movies to singing, he keeps us entertained. Abdu gave us some humorous farewell performances. Sajid picked the names of the contestants who would leave the house. And Abdu performed a goodbye performance for them. 

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4. Shalin is faking it all for the game?

Sajid Khan and Shiv are discussing Shalin’s game strategy. According to them, his love for Tina might just be a part of his game and nothing else.

5. We have ‘dharna’ in Bigg Boss house.

Following Archana’s captaincy, the housemates are screaming and having a dharna in the house. “Archana go back” the contestants want her to resign.

6. Sumbul takes Archana’s side.

Well though it was punishment for Archana the housemates got on her nerves. Meanwhile, Archana and Manya have a massive fight, and Sumbul steps in to support her.

7. Gori and Archana land in trouble.

Both of them are seen getting verbally abusive and screaming at each other. Gori warns Archana that she will slap her and picks a dumbbell to hit her. Things turn messy and we have trouble in the Bigg Boss house.

8. Karan Johar steps in to resolve the fight.

To put things into perspective, Karan Johar talks to the contestants about the fight between Gori and Archana. Everyone in the house is sharing their opinions on the robbery and what should have been done to tackle the issue.

9. Karan Johar warns Gori Nagori about her behaviour.

After Karan gave his opinion on the robbery incident, many views contradicted and called out Gori for being violent. He also warned Gori to talk less and behave if she wanted to stay in the BB house. She apologized later.

10. We have KJO city.

From bringing K3G, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to the KJO anthem, we had too many things in his city. Karan interacted with the housemates and gave everyone a Bolly-type task to perform.

The episode was a fun-ride, and we had a touch of Bollywood in it.

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