Bigg Boss 16 is keeping us engrossed with all the twists and dramatic turns it’s taking. The show has something new to offer every day- including new fights, wild tasks, romance, and lots of entertainment. All the contestants in the BB house are ensuring to entertain us with their personalities.

But I couldn’t help but wonder why the kitchen is always the fighting spot for all the seasons. The infamous Dolly Bindra fight over eggs or even Pooja Mishra’s “do not tell me what to do”, the fights always happened in the kitchen.

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If you have watched the show, you know how you have to earn everything in the BB house. Among the many topics brewing in the house, ‘food’ is the most touching of all! Yeah, even more than the love stories.

That said, food and ration are the priority of contestants, and most of the time, we spot them fighting over them. Hence proved, the kitchen is the war zone of the BB house because all the food talks happen there. Today we picked some of the kitchen fights from the latest season, and they’re so entertaining.

1. When Archana and Gori fought over avocados.

Archana and Gori fight over missing avocados in the house. Gori blames Archana that she must have thrown the avocados and they got into a war of words. The entire house has to gather in the kitchen to stop them as they throw water at each other.

2. When Archana almost choked Shiv’s neck.

This is among the wildest of the BB house so far as it even got Archana evicted from the house. She has been hiding some of the rations like sugar and tissue papers, which irked the other housemates. Keeping up with the war-zone vibe the two started fighting in the kitchen.

3. When Priyanka and Tina fought over rotis in the kitchen.

It sure looks like the Bigg Boss kitchen is the performance floor for contestants. Priyanka calls out Tina for giving her space to cook and make rotis, while Tina seems to be arrogant about it.

4. When Archana and Priyanka fought for space in the kitchen.

The two have been the closest since the show began, but the BB kitchen even brought takraar between them.

Well, these are just a few examples of fights that have happened in the kitchen. There are many more including Shalin ranting about chicken or Manya fighting over kitchen duties. So not just love stories, we can now call the kitchen an official war zone for contestants. As most of them gather in the kitchen to fight than just have food.

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