We already know Bigg Boss 16 is getting more challenging and entertaining day by day. You get to witness a new fight, romance, and task every day. Yesterday, we saw Tina and Shalin’s bond taking a bitter turn and a new love story brewing. 

The week has been a game-changer for every contestant, and there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are live updates for Bigg Boss 16 Day 20 that you cannot miss. 

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6:15 PM: Tina is upset with her fight with Shalin.

Tina gets emotional, and Soundarya asked her to be strong and not let this affect the game.

10:15 PM: Big Boss informs Tina that her pet is sick.

Tina is crying as her pet is sick. Shalin consoles her and gives her a warm hug. The two are finally having a conversation about their fight.

10:30 PM: Bigg Boss asks Tina and Shalin to not fight again.

Tina and Shalin go to the confession room, and Bigg Boss resolves the fight between them.

1:00 PM: Archana asks Gautam and Soundarya to leave the room.

Archana couldn’t sleep as Gautam and Soundarya were chatting at night. She asks them to step out and go on the sofa.

8:00 AM: The Bigg Boss anthem.

The contestants wake up to the Bigg boss anthem and vibe together.

11:00 AM: Shiv is teasing Abdu for Nimrit, and he can’t stop blushing. 

We smell a new love story cooking today. Abdu is crushing on Nimrit as Shiv teases him.

11:30 AM: Abdu Rozik is crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

Abdu, the cutest contestant on the show, is crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. He is roaming around Nimrit and passing on some sweetest comments.  “You make me feel beautiful,” says Nimrit. 

1:OO PM: Bigg boss is bored of contestants.

The contestants gather together in the hall, and the Bigg boss calls them boring. Every housemate now has to give Bigg boss some gossip so he doesn’t sleep.

3:00 PM: Bigg boss and Archana have a little chat.

Well, if you thought gossiping was only limited to contestants then you’re wrong. Bigg boss called Archana into the confession room to have a little chat with her, and the two gossiped about romance in Bigg boss’s house.  

4:00 PM: Soundarya and Gautam are the hot topics of the BB house.

Yet again, a new love story is brewing in the house, and everyone is rooting for it. Soundarya and Gautam are making waves in the house.

5:00 PM: The contestants are unhappy with the captain.

Archana and Shiv talk about house duties and get into a fight. The kitchen is truly a feud zone in the house.

The housemates confirm Tina and Shalin are not just friends.

Everyone in the house thinks Tina and Shalin are more than friends. But they are worried that Tina might break Shalin’s heart.

7:00 PM: Manya and Archana gave the best gossip and got a reward.

Bigg boss thinks Manya and Archana had the juiciest gossip and rewarded them with a gift.

7:30 PM: Sumbul warns Shalin about Tina.

Sumbul is indirectly warning Shalin about Tina. She is worried he might lose himself in the BB house.

11:00 PM: Gautam and Soundarya have a little moment.

The two surely might have feelings for each other and we cannot wait to watch more of them.

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It was a juicy episode today, and we got updated with a lot of internal gossip in the Bigg boss house.

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