Bigg Boss 16 is offering us every quota of entertainment, and now we literally predict twists and turns the show might offer us. It’s the weekend, and that calls for a wake-up call for each contestant in the BB house. We have Karan Johar in the house today, guiding contestants about their game. 

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Every bit of the show turns into a huge drama, and we are here to keep you updated on that. Here are live updates from the Bigg Boss 16 latest episode.

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Karan Johar loves the BB house vibe.

Karan and Bigg Boss have a little chat and talk about his house rules. They have nicknames for each other BB for Bigg Boss and KJO for Karan Johar.

8:45 AM: Archana’s captaincy is the talk of the house.

Keeping up with the schemes against Archana, housemates are giving her a hard time. Nimrit won’t listen to Archana and doesn’t want to work because of back pain.

10:15 AM: Sajid Khan and Shiv talk about Shalin’s game on Bigg Boss.

Sajid thinks Shalin is acting and trying to be kind to play the game. According to Sajid and Shiv, his bond with Tina is fake.

11:30 AM: Archana, go back.

Nimrit and everyone else in the house are doing a dharna against Archana. The housemates want her to leave the captaincy.

12:15 PM: Manya and Archana get into a fight.

Manya is not feeling well and won’t listen to Archana do her house duties. The two of them get into an argument.

12:30 PM: Sumbul has taken Archana’s side in her captaincy.

Sumbul took a stand for Archana. This led to a huge feud in the house. Things seem to get worse throughout the day, and housemates are talking about sanskar.

1:00 PM: Archana and Gori are fighting.

The two fight and verbally abuse each other. Gori warns Archana that she will slap her and picks a dumbbell to hit her.

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Gori gets emotional and the housemates console her.

Gori is crying and upset with what happened with Archana. The housemates are asking her to be strong.

4:OO PM: Contestants are discussing Archana’s behaviour.

Everyone thinks Archana is breaking house rules, and they cannot tolerate her behaviour.

Karan Johar steps in to solve the feud in the BB house.

The BB house is a mess, and Karan Johar has taken things into his hands. He is now discussing what to do and trying to find a solution in his way.

Everyone in the house is sharing their opinions on the robbery.

A robbery happened in the BB house, and contestants are sharing their views on what they would have done. The views are contradicting, and Karan Johar is taking Archana’s side.

Karan explained to Gori about her behaviour.

Karan is trying to make Gori understand that Archana’s behaviour was just a reflection. He asked her to talk less if she wanted to be in the game.

Karan Johar calls out Gori Nagori’s behaviour.

Gori is now opening up and making moves to play the game, but this has landed her in trouble. Her behaviour for the week was violent and scary. Karan pointed out that if Gori wants to be a part of the BB house, she needs to stop all this. 

The fight between Gori and Archana is the topic of debate.

BB house now has a new debate. The contestants are picking sides and discussing whether what happened was fair or not.

The KJO city in BB house.

Karan Johar finally meets the contestants personally, and we see an interesting conversation brewing.

We have a Karan Johar anthem now.

Forget the iconic Bigg Boss anthem. Karan gets creative and adds a Bolly twist to the anthem. We have the KJO anthem with K3G in it. 

Karan teases Tina and Shalin.

It’s impossible to forget Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when we have Karan around. Tina and Shalin perform a movie scene for us.

Bollywood vibe in the Bigg Boss house.

Karan takes Bollywood everywhere and we have some cheeky questions coming in. Nimrit would date Shalin and marry Ankit.

Ankit and Priyanka wooed everyone in the house.

KJO clearly is trying to match people in the house and brew some love stories. Ankit and Priyanka give us a romantic performance.

Karan’s question landed Priyanka in trouble.

Karan asked the housemates to name one person who needs “Mann ki safai”. Everyone named Priyanka and shared their reasons.

It was the most romantic episode of Bigg Boss 16 so far. Karan Johar turned BB house into a Bollywood blockbuster.

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