We had Karan Johar hosting Bigg Boss 16 yesterday. And it turned out to be a dhamakedar episode. Throughout the week, we saw a lot of things happening, from changing captaincy to avocado fights. The week is wrapping up with weekend ka vaar and Diwali celebration at BB house.

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To keep informed on every bit of the latest episode, here are live updates from Bigg Boss 16, day 22.

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Karan Johar gives an interesting task.

Karan has ‘mann ki safai’ task for contestants. Sajid comes first and gives Ankit’s name.

Shiv thinks Shalin is fake.

According to Shiv, it’s hard to figure out who Shalin is, and thinks he is just pretending to be good in the BB house. 

The KJO city task has turned into a revenge game.

The contestants are giving opinions about other housemates and showering water to do ‘mann ki safai.’

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Karan’s question landed Priyanka in trouble.

Everyone in the house thinks Priyanka needs ‘mann ki safai’ as the majority of them think she needs mind cleansing.

Shiv and Shalin get into an argument.

We all know everyone in the house thinks Shalin is not being his real self. Shiv challenges him that he will bring out his real side.

Tina and Shalin tease each other.

Following the Kuch Kuch Hota hai reference Karan Johar gave us a trio on the BB house. Shalin-Tina-Sumbul is now teasing each other because of it.

Priyanka and Ankit talk about their one-sided story.

We saw the two of them building a romantic bond with each other. This week Priyanka gave us a hint that they’re close and more than friends. But Karan and everyone in the house pointed out it’s a one-sided love story, and Priyanka didn’t like it. Ankit gives her a warm hug and says it’s not true.

Nimrit and Gautam talk about their friendship.

Nimrit thinks Gautam should give his friends more time. The two fight about the attention Gautam is giving her and is upset that he doesn’t have time. She pointed out that she doesn’t want to be the third wheel like Sumbul.

Things turn bad between Soundarya and Gautam.

Gautam is tired of everyone in the house and vents it out on Soundarya. He’s juggling between friendship and love in the BB house.

Nimrit gives relationship advice to Gautam.

Nimrit warns Gautam about Soundarya and that she might not be the one for him. She pointed out that she is a caring person but a little distracted.


Karan Johar is interacting with housemates.

Karan is back and is talking to the contestants and having some juiciest conversations.

What are Gautam and Soundarya?

Karan has asked housemates about what kind of bond Gautam and Soundarya share. We have some sassy replies from the contestants.

Karan thinks Gautam and Soundarya’s love story is for the camera.

We might not know what they are. But Karan has made a fair point here.

Gautam lands in trouble.

Karan calls out Gautam as he makes an inappropriate comment about Soundarya. Nimrit and Tina agree that he made that comment.

Karan shares that we don’t need a love story.

If you thought a love story would increase your time in the BB house, then you’re wrong. Karan told Shiv and Mc Stan that BB house doesn’t need a love story.

Priyanka and Archana are the best, says Karan.

We know Priyanka and Archana have been the best duo. Karan says the two are going best and should stick around.

Contestants show unity.

Everyone comes to console Gautam and Soundarya and show unity in the BB house.

Shalin and Gautam have a bro moment.

Shalin has been helpful to Gautam and guiding him on how to play his game on the show.

The ‘dimag ki batti’ task.

Karan wants participants to give a name that needs to light their ‘dimag ki batti’ and we have some fun coming in.

The week has ended with a Diwali dhamaka and we might soon hear an eviction in Bigg Boss 16.

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