Last night’s episode saw friendships being tested under the extreme pressure of the captaincy task. Post the task, a lot of drama started brewing. And this is just the beginning of what Bigg Boss 16 has in store for us. The show has only just begun.

Bigg Boss 16 live

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 promises a task that will bring out the fun side of the contestants. To keep you updated with all the latest happenings in the Bigg Boss house, here are live updates from the latest episode.

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8 AM – The morning anthem.

The inmates wake up to the Bigg Boss anthem.

9 AM – Gautam asks for milk.

Priyanka says that there is no milk because Soundarya gave up the ration.

11:30 AM – Abdu says he spotted Tina and Shalin in the bathroom.

Abdu tells Shiv that he saw Tina and Shalin getting cosy in the bathroom area. Abdu entertains Shiv and MC Stan by mimicking Tina.

12:45 AM – Nimrit tells Abdu has fans in Dubai too.

Nimrit tells Abdu his brother is his big fan.

1:15 PM – Abdu has fun.

Abdu teases Priyanka and makes an offer for her to make a phone call. Abdu flexes his business skills to Nimrit. Later, Shiv, Nimrit, and Abdu break into a dance.

2:15 PM – Archana asks Abdu to help her with peeling garlic.

Abdu entertains everyone in the kitchen.

2:30 PM – Archana and Priyanka fight in the kitchen.

The fight starts with the cleaning of utensils. Later Priyanka gets pressed about how things cannot go according to Archana. Nimrit says Archana cannot order everyone around. Priyanka stops making rotis.

2:45 PM- Shalin comments on how Nimrit is not sitting with them.

Shalin discusses with Gautam and Soundarya how Nimrit is no longer hanging out with them thereby questioning her stand on certain matters in the Bigg Boss 16 house. They state how Nimrit might be a replacement for Gori Nagori.

4:15 PM – The activity begins.

Sajid reads the rules of the Hostel game. Sajid is the security guard. Archana Gautam is the warden. Abdu-Nimrit, Shalin-Tina, Gautam-Soundarya, Ankit-Priyanka, Shiv-Gori, and MC Stan-Sumbul are the couples in this game.

4:30 PM – Contestants discuss their game plan.

Shalin says that it might be a good time for him to propose to Tina. Tina is afraid it might come across as fake. While Abdu and Nimrit tease each other.

4:45 PM – The task begins.

Abdu rushes for the phone. All boys enter the girl’s hostel.

5 PM – There’s a dance practice in the Girl’s Hostel.

Girls have a dance performance practice. The boys take sneak peeks from the fence. Boys jump in and everyone dances in pairs. Priyanka and Ankit have the most fun while Gori and Shiv have a cute moment.

5:15 PM – The phone rings.

Sajid allows Abdu to make the first phone call. Nimrit and Abdu have the cutest conversation where Abdu says he will help her with exams. Next, Ankit calls Priyanka. They discuss how the watchman and the warden might have an affair.

5:30 PM – Warden shouts at the girls.

Warden catches the girls flirting with the boys. The girls and boys try to coax the warden and the watchman.

6:15 PM – The phone rings.

Shiv calls Gori. The warden cuts the call in a few seconds. Abdu bribes the guard with a burgir. It fails. MC Stan also tries to bribe with food. He wins. He calls Sumbul and gets a point.

6:30 PM – There’s a bodybuilding competition in the boy’s hostel.

The girls take sneak peeks from the fence. Shalin flexes his muscles first. Next is Shiv Thakare. Girls call him boring for not going shirtless. Next is Gautam. After Gautam, Ankit shows his muscles. Priyanka asks all the girls to shut their eyes. Stan shows off his sneakers. Abdu does push-ups. Sajid declares Shalin as the winner. Shalin chooses rajma.

6:45 PM – The activity ends.

Archana and Sajid have the say in the remaining ration. They also get special rights. They will allot people their bedrooms. Shalin says Sajid was partial.

7 PM – Room allotment.

Contestants are happy with the room allotment. Tina and Shalin discuss their different rooms. Contestants share the ration. People fight over who will have what.

7:30 PM – Confusion over coffee.

Contestants are having some confusion about coffee. Tina wants an avocado. Tina fills Soundarya’s pockets.

8:15 PM – Onion ration.

Sumbul, Tina, and Shalin figure out how to use onions for 2kgs chicken.

9:15 PM – Contestants assemble.

There’s a new task in the house. All women have to make the man give them a compliment. The woman with the highest compliments will get a gift hamper. Abdu gives compliments to Nimrit. Others try fetching compliments. Shiv compliments Nimrit and Tina. MC Stan gives compliments to Tina and also acknowledges her fashion sense. Gautam compliments Priyanka. Ankit compliments Priyanka. Abdu gives a compliment to Archana. Shalin gives a compliment to Archana and Nimrit.

9:45 PM – The task continues.

Gautam gives a compliment to Tina. Sajid compliments Nimrit. She gets five compliments and wins the task.

10 PM – Tina is pressed.

Tina is pressed about how she had to beg and wait for Shalin to give a compliment. She breaks down in the bathroom. Nimrit consoles her. Tina asks her not to tell that to Shalin. Abdu tells Shalin that Tina is crying and he goes to see her. Tina is angry at Shalin. Soundarya tells him that he should have gone to Tina but he has his own reasons.

10:45 PM – Abdu teases Tina.

Abdu breaks into a song and teases Tina with Shalin’s name. Gautam and Nimrit resolve their fight. They both apologize to each other.

12:15 AM – Archana and Abdu have a conversation.

They discuss what might happen with Soundarya and Shalin getting together.

12:30 AM – Abdu says Bigg Boss is smart.

Abdu discusses how the latest developments might reveal fake love in the house.

1 AM – Archana tries linking Soundarya with Shalin.

Shalin says Tina is a friend and so is Soundarya. Shalin thinks Gori or Nimrit might get evicted. Archana says it might be Gautam or Tina.

Tonight’s episode added much-needed colour to the Bigg Boss 16 house.

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