It was a fun episode of Bigg Boss 16 yesterday. We saw some contestants mending their friendships, while some saw things going down south. The contestants also brought out their fun sides in the interesting hostel activity task.

Bigg Boss 16 update

The Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode has Salman Khan coming back to the show. And Salman’s entry is definitely going to spice things up. Here are the live updates for Bigg Boss 16 Day 28 that you absolutely cannot miss!

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Salman Khan opens the episode.

He clarifies how he could not make it to last week’s episode because of dengue. He thanks Karan Johar for taking over the reins last week.

Live Bigg Boss 16

Tina and Shalin address their issues.

Tina and Shalin discuss what happened in the gift hamper task. Tina calls Archana “stupid” and calls out her games. She says how she has created a brand name for herself. She comments how Soundarya has bought fake followers and only Shalin can hurt her in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Archana is annoyed by Sajid.

Archana is annoyed by Sajid. Archana is angry over croissants and food. Sajid says he would give her someone else’s share. Shiv offers her his share. Archana refuses. MC Stan adds how he also missed out on his croissants.

Sajid and Abdu argue over croissants.

They conclude that the message was “lost in translation.”

Who needs a guardian in the Bigg Boss 16 house?

Sajid takes Abdu and Sumbul’s names. Abdu takes Sumbul’s and Ankit’s names. MC Stan names Priyanka and Sumbul. Gori names Sumbul and Ankit. Shiv names Sumbul and Ankit. Ankit names MC Stan and Sumbul. Priyanka names Abdu and Sumbul. Archana names Sumbul and MC Stan. Soundarya names Sumbul and MC Stan. Gautam names Sumbul and Ankit. Sumbul names Abdu and MC Stan. Nimrit names Ankit and Sumbul. Tina names Abdu and Ankit. Shalin names Abdu and Ankit.

Abdu, Ankit, and Sumbul contemplate this development. Ankit and Sumbul emerge as clear winners of this activity.

Bigg Boss 16 update

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Salman Khan greets the Bigg Boss 16 contestants.

Gori apologizes for her previous week’s behaviour. Salman praises Abdu Rozik for his true and candid personality. He states how others should learn from him. He states that he is proud of him. He states how Abdu does not need any guardian or guidance and those who think so are utterly wrong.

Salman calls out Archana for asking Abdu to show his angry side. Salman states how India loves Abdu. Salman appreciated how he did the right thing in not listening to anyone’s advice.

Salman schools Sumbul.

Salman moves to Ankit and Sumbul. He states how Sumbul did not pay heed to her father’s advice either. He remarks how he can’t see the strong Sumbul anymore. He asks her about the relevance and presence she holds in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He also states how Soundarya told Gautam that Nimrit will become a second Sumbul.

Salman calls Soundarya how even she tried to influence Sumbul once. Soundarya states how Sumbul is still under the influence of Shalin Bhanot. Salman calls her a “tag-along”. He makes her stand at the bedroom door to show how she looks in all episodes.

Salman schools Ankit next.

Before moving to Ankit, Salman talks to Priyanka first. Priyanka adds how she has always urged Ankit to raise his voice. Salman asks Priyanka to state which qualities of Ankit he hides. Priyanka mentions his calm nature.

Salman moves to Ankit. He asks him the name of the show he is participating in and why is he in the Bigg Boss 16 house now. He asks Ankit to explain his strategy. He calls him irrelevant and asks him to become more prominent on the show he entered willingly.

Salman asks Ankit to state what has gone wrong in the show last week. He highlights how Ankit never stood for the wrong in the house. He adds how Ankit is wrong too because he never takes a stand. He adds how he has only taken a stand once only for Priyanka too. He urges him to show his personality more on screen and take his work seriously.

Salman thinks Ankit does not want to be a part of Bigg Boss 16.

Salman adds how Manya and Sreejita wanted to be a part of the show and Ankit might be an undeserving candidate. He adds how he has full faith in Ankit.

Salman talks about the ration and schools Gautam.

Salman talks about Nimrit and Soundarya’s decision to not take the ration. Gautam talks about how no one expected Nimrit to take Shiv’s side. Salman asks Priyanka to share her thoughts. She adds how both were wrong. Salman highlights how Priyanka did not say anything to Soundarya about the same decision. He adds how Gautam should have been upfront about his annoyance. He adds how Shiv and Nimrit are actually good friends. Salman adds how Nimrit is a vote for Gautam.

Bubbles burst.

Salman says how there is no real love in the house. He takes digs at Gautam and Soundarya. He asks him to maintain dignity. Nimrit, Tina, and Shalin are called out for always conversing in English.

The ‘slap’ task.

Archana is slapped for how her problems never end, and how she thinks Gautam likes her.

Sajid is slapped for influencing Abdu and how he plays safe in the house.

Shalin is slapped for changing colours like a chameleon and for being scared of Gautam. Shalin and Shiv get into a spat.

Eviction time.

Salman states how he will declare who gets evicted tomorrow.

Discussions galore.

Sumbul states how she does not like Shukravaar Ka Vaar because she is always schooled. Sumbul and Shalin hug. Sajid jokes about how he will argue about everything from now. Gautam and Shalin give each other reality checks.

Tonight’s episode was a rollercoaster ride!

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