Shukravaar Ka Vaar brought along many surprises in the Bigg Boss 16 house. We saw Salman Khan returning to the show and stirring some important conversations. He dropped some truth bombs and gave the contestants a reality check.

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Tonight’s episode holds many surprises. One contestant will leave the Bigg Boss 16 house and we also have Katrina Kaif gracing this episode.

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Here are live updates for Bigg Boss 16 Day 29 that you cannot miss.

Katrina Kaif opens the episode.

Katrina has brought Ishaan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi along with her for Phone Bhoot promotions. The episode is geared up for Halloween.

Bigg Boss 16 live update

Bigg Boss 16 Horror Special.

The contestants are dressed up for Halloween. Salman Khan begins a new task. Cards with qualities are laid out and Abdu has to decide who has that specific quality.

The first card asks which contestant has “no brains.” Abdu names Ankit Gupta. Abdu names Sumbul Touqueer for being disrespectful and mentions how Sumbul put up a pity show after nominating him. According to Abdu, Shalin does not have a nice heart. He adds how he makes up things. For Abdu, Tina is the most boring person. Abdu names Priyanka as the lying contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He adds that he is not a child and can make decisions for himself.

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Catch 22 in Bigg Boss 16 house.

Nimrit gets a chance to shift into Shiv’s room. But that has a catch. She rejects the offer saying that she does not want to give up ration for everyone. Gautam gets the chance to be a captain, but the catch is he will have to give up the ration for all of the contestants. After much thought, Gautam accepts the offer and rejects the ration much to everyone’s anger. Contestants yell at him.

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Everyone is angry at Gautam.

Sajid and Archana express their anger and yell at Gautam. They state how they shared the ration in the hostel task. Soundarya asks Gautam to not be “opportunistic”. She asks him to reconsider his decision. Some state that Gautam took this decision because he is afraid that he might get evicted tonight. Gautam adds how no one is playing fairly and hence he took this decision. Abdu is pressed about what the sixteen contestants will eat for a month.

Bigg Boss announces that Gautam is the new captain.

After proving his random point, Gautam wishes to reverse his decision. Bigg Boss asks him if he took his decision at gunpoint. Bigg Boss refuses to reverse Gautam’s decision. He is asked to remove the ration from the house. Soundarya and Gautam plead to Bigg Boss to reverse the decision. The ration is cleared from the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Contestants break down.

Archana breaks down over losing ration. Soundarya tries to explain things to Gautam. Abdu calls Gautam stupid for only thinking about himself. Nimrit states that she hasn’t eaten anything since the morning. Tina asks Shalin to stop being a guardian to Sumbul.

Gautam still requests to reverse his decision.

Gautam talks to Bigg Boss and pleads that he wants to reverse his captaincy decision. He states how some people have medical issues and need food. Nimrit adds how she does not want food anymore. Soundarya adds how people are overreacting that they will never get food anytime soon. She mentions how contestants might get a task for the ration.

Salman Khan schools Gautam Vig in his own style.

Salman takes digs at Gautam’s decision. He congratulates Gautam for being the captain. Gautam says that he took a wrong decision. Salman adds how even Gautam would have reacted the same way if some other contestant took the same decision. However, he is still eligible for elimination today. Salman takes digs at their equation of love after Soundarya stated that she would not sacrifice her food for Gautam.

Soundarya defends Gautam.

Soundarya states that Gautam is right because he wanted to prove his integrity.

The elimination at Bigg Boss 16 house.

Salman Khan asks Gautam to leave. Salman calls out Shalin Bhanot for instantly changing his stance on Gautam. Gautam is safe from elimination and he is now the captain.

Salman states that Abdu is leaving the house. The contestants refuse to believe him. Salman asks Abdu to leave. However, it was a catch and Abdu is safe.

Salman announces that no one will leave the house this week and every contestant will have to remain hungry for a whole week.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif take over Shanivaar Ka Vaar.

Salman and Katrina try to call spirits on stage. Katrina Kaif asks him funny questions. She makes him shake a leg to Tip Tip Barsa Paani. Salman mentions that if he could, he would spy on Vicky Kaushal.

Ishaan and Siddhant enact a scene from Andaz Apna Apna. Salman Khan thoroughly enjoys this mimicry.

Ishaan and Siddhant create some fun in Bigg Boss 16 house.

The two stars enter the Bigg Boss 16 house and greet the contestants. Salman and Katrina instruct the two stars. Ishaan brings bananas for the contestants. The contestants are to perform a silent garba and laugh hysterically.

Katrina Kaif enters the house.

Katrina brings an interesting task to the Bigg Boss 16 house – the ‘Bhoot Bhagao‘ task.

Sajid and Abdu punish Gautam for his greed. Tina also chooses Gautam. Shiv picks Gautam and calls him out for his acting. MC Stan picks Archana for choosing ginger over everything and for always running after footage. Gautam Vig is the most named contestant for this task.

Time for some fun in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Tina crushes on Siddhant Chaturvedi. MC Stan and MC Sher break into a rap battle. Ishaan and Shiv Thakare dance to Zingat.

Bigg Boss offers food.

Bigg Boss offers the contestants food for tonight. Sajid is angry at Gautam. Gori and MC Stan discuss Gautam’s decision. Gautam and Soundarya discuss how Gautam took the right step. She adds how Sajid is overreacting. Archana adds how Gautam did not even apologize. Nimrit adds how this decision reflects Gautam’s personality.

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Shiv breaks things down to Sajid.

Shiv asks Sajid and others to maintain dignity while raising their voices for the wrongs in the house. Priyanka and Archana question Gautam’s capabilities. Gautam states how his action revealed everyone’s true colours. Gautam, Soundarya, and Tina discuss this decision.

Bigg Boss 16 is bound to get bigger and better now.

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