With each passing day, the twists in the Bigg Boss 16 house get even more dramatic than before. Throughout the week we saw the contestants bringing out their fun side in interesting tasks, friendships being put to test, and some juicy drama that unfolded when the house got a new captain.

The episodes are, truly, in line with the Halloween season. To keep you updated with all the details of the latest episode, here are live updates from Bigg Boss 16, Day 30.

8 AM – Good Morning.

The contestants wake up and assemble for the Bigg Boss anthem.

10:30 AM – The ration dilemma continues.

Abdu wants black tea.

10:45 AM – Sajid is still angry.

Sajid is angry with Gautam. Gautam pleads to Bigg Boss to send food for those contestants who have medical reasons. Tina discusses how she feels unsafe after Sajid broke a bottle in anger last night. Sajid asks Gautam to stay away from him if he “values his face”.

Bigg Boss 16 live

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11 AM – Gautam discusses Sajid’s attitude.

Gautam sits with Soundarya and discusses how Sajid is misbehaving. Soundarya asks him to maintain his cool. She even questions Tina’s stand. Abdu has some chocolates saved in his bag. He takes those out for food. Gori, Shiv, and MC Stan talk about how others might retaliate seeing Sajid’s behaviour. Abdu shares the chocolates with MC Stan, Shiv, and Gori.

Bigg Boss offers daily ration to Gautam. He is to decide how to use that.

11:30 AM – Contestants discuss the food.

Sajid asks Soundarya to keep Gautam away from him. Soundarya and Nimrit argue over what happened last night. Nimrit states how Soundarya messed up her friendship with Gautam, while Soundarya states how she always stood for Nimrit without a cause. Nimrit calls Soundarya an insecure person.


11:45 AM – Gautam shares eggs with Shalin.

Gautam sorts out protein for Shalin. He gives him the 12 eggs. Soundarya and Gautam sort breakfast for everyone. They decide on two vegetables, daal, and rice. Shalin requests Bigg Boss for more protein for himself.

12:15 PM – Sajid talks about how he broke the bottles last night.

Shiv urges Sajid to not take any violent steps. Tina tells Nimrit that Sajid was wrong in hurling abuses towards Gautam. Soundarya brings breakfast for Sajid. Sajid takes the plate. Soundarya asks Sajid to not take out his brunt on food. Nimrit questions why Soundarya only offered food to Sajid. She states why did Gautam not consult others for breakfast.

12:45 PM – The food issue continues in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Soundarya states how she is keeping two eggs aside for everyone. Gautam tells Priyanka that he offered a dozen eggs to Shalin. Sajid and Shiv think of orchestrating a hunger strike. Priyanka is angry that Shalin took all the eggs without thinking about anyone.

1 PM – Priyanka and Shalin fight.

Priyanka asks Shalin why he took all the eggs. She asks him to fulfil his protein requirement with his protein shake. Shalin loses his temper and states how he took the right step. Gautam states how Shalin has only kept the eggs and has not eaten them yet. Shiv and MC Stan ask for “popcorn” while they witness the fight. Shalin yells at Priyanka after she asked him to continue his gym.

1:15 PM – Gautam doesn’t want to show the ration to everyone.

Gautam states how he won’t show the ration to everyone. He yells at Nimrit and brings up the issue when she gave up the ration for Shiv. She asks him not to compare her with himself. Shalin starts singing while Priyanka talks to him. Nimrit and Gautam still continue to fight and call Soundarya his spokesperson. Shiv, MC Stan, and Gori continue to sit and witness the drama unfold.

Shiv subtly instigates the contestants to take some action. Shiv calls out Shalin and states how last night he said how he would refuse the ration but he is having the eggs now.

1:30 PM – Gautam and Shiv discuss food.

Gautam states how he wanted everyone to have breakfast first and then discuss the ration. Shiv asks contestants to not change their stance according to the situation.

2:30 PM – Tina and Shalin talk.

Tina and Shalin talk about Shiv and how he is hungry for footage and hence takes their name. Tina questions how many reality shows will Shiv feature in. Tina discusses how Priyanka was wrong too. Sajid says that he won’t eat till the captain is changed. Ankit asks him to take a wise decision. Shiv and Sajid declare that they will not eat.

3:15 PM – Abdu decides to sleep.

Abdu makes faces at the camera and decides to sleep to save his energy.

4:45 PM – Bigg Boss and Shalin talk.

Bigg Boss calls Shalin into the confession room. The discussion between them is live-streamed to the other contestants. Bigg Boss calls Shalin out for his “acting”. Bigg Boss calls out Shalin for instantly changing his stance when Gautam was “fake” eliminated. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to share their thoughts. Many contestants state that Sajid and Archana were real and honest in expressing their anger towards Gautam’s eviction.

Bigg Boss states that this is a reality show and Shalin needs to be upfront. He offers him the chicken he was yelling for the whole day. Bigg Boss asks him to leave the cameras for the real people and how the show knows about everyone’s medical requirements. Shalin asks for more chicken.

5 PM – Contestants discuss that Gautam and Shalin act.

Archana questions how and why are Gautam and Shalin acting. Nimrit and Tina ask Shalin if he is okay. Shalin is still pressed about the chicken and protein. Soundarya urges Abdu to eat. Abdu states that if Sajid is not eating, he will not have food either. Everyone urges Abdu to eat. He leaves the conversation.

5:30 PM – Shalin is angry at Gautam.

Shalin is angry at how Gautam thought his reaction was fake. Gautam states how he wished Shalin would have comforted him yesterday but he didn’t show up. Ankit states how he does not understand Gautam and Shalin’s friendship.

5:45 PM – Abdu the entertainer of Bigg Boss 16.

Abdu tries to make a metal bird stand upright. Sajid states that if the bird stands still for five seconds, he will eat. Sadly the bird falls.

6 PM – Soundarya still cooks for everyone.

Soundarya brings food for Nimrit because she can’t be “heartless”. Nimrit keeps some food away.

6:15 PM – Shalin talks about Gautam to everyone.

Shalin disses Gautam outside the house. Gautam and Soundarya diss Shalin inside the house.

6:45 PM – Soundarya still works in the kitchen.

Priyanka asks Soundarya why is she working since the day.

7 PM – Gautam calls everyone inside the house.

Gautam assigns duties. Tina and Sumbul will make breakfast. Ankit will clean the kitchen. Shalin is to clean the toilet. Shiv is to clean the carpet and table. Nimrit and Stan will wash the dishes in the morning and evening. Archana is with Priyanka for cooking lunch. Sajid flashes his middle finger to Gautam. Sajid questions why Gautam did not apologize to everyone. Gautam says how is trying to rectify his mistakes.

7:30 PM – Sajid is on Gautam’s nerves.

Gautam is under the pressure with Sajid’s behaviour. Ankit and Sajid state that captaincy is not the issue, but Gautam’s betrayal is the issue.

8 PM – Abdu eats food.

Abdu asks MC Stan to eat food. Bigg Boss calls Sajid and Nimrit to the confession room. Sajid and Nimrit share why they dislike Gautam’s captaincy. Bigg Boss states how the house brings forward everyone’s true sides. Bigg Boss has an interesting game to spice things up for the house. The task is supposed to remain a secret. Sajid, Nimrit and four other contestants are to separate rice from dal.

Tina and Shalin think Bigg Boss is schooling Sajid in the confession room. Sajid and Nimrit gobble pizza in the confession room. Shalin and Gautam hug each other in the bedroom.

8:30 PM – The Bigg Boss 16 Secret Task begins.

Nimrit tells everyone that it is a punishment. Nimrit instructs her teammates about the secret task. Shalin still asks for chicken. Priyanka begs Sajid to eat some food. Gori and Shiv enter the confession room for their share of pizza. Tina and Shalin still think that Bigg Boss schooled Sajid. Sajid and Gautam discuss what went wrong between them in a cool and composed manner. Sajid tells how those who have sat on a hunger strike are now providing food for everyone. Sajid states that he will hug Gautam once he loses his captaincy.

Shiv spills some beans about Shalin in the Bigg Boss 16 confession room.


9:45 PM – Shalin still begs for chicken.

Soundarya states that if Gautam doesn’t eat she will not eat either. Bigg Boss schools Gautam for not punishing Soundarya when she talked in English. Bigg Boss offers chicken to Shalin, while Shalin does not understand that he is annoying Bigg Boss.

10:15 PM – More food for hunger strike contestants.

Bigg Boss calls Abdu, MC Stan, Nimrit, and Sajid for gobbling more pizza.

10:45 PM – The Bigg Boss 16 secret task is accomplished.

Ankit tells Priyanka how Shalin said Abdu was fake for sitting on the hunger strike after he ate last night’s food. Priyanka asks Ankit to become more prominent in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

11 PM – Bigg Boss addresses the house.

Bigg Boss addresses the two factions that have emerged in the house. Bigg Boss congratulates those contestants who completed their punishment and sent ration for the house. Bigg Boss states how Gautam played no role in getting the ration for tomorrow.

11:15 PM – Hunger strike contestants break their fast.

The hunger strike contestants eat food at the dining table. Sajid throws up in the bathroom.

1 AM – Abdu sings in the bedroom.

Abdu sings a Tajik song in the bedroom.

Day 30 episode of Bigg Boss 16 was a blast.

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