The Bigg Boss 16 house is loaded with drama and gossip perpetually. The contestants never fail to capitalize on various issues to put their best foot forward. After BB Bulletin with Shekhar Suman yesterday, we realized the friendship between Archana and Priyanka is now a thing of the past. Additionally, we sensed MC Stan’s budding suspicions about his groupies and Shalin’s unresolved grudges against Tina.

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After a dhamaakedar start of the week, we’re all set for the infamous nomination task today. To ensure you do not miss out on ANY development of the forever happening BB 16 house, we are here to keep you udpated. Catch the hot and fresh live updates from the day 32 of Bigg Boss 16 house.

8:45 AM – Tina and MC Stan chat.

MC Stan and Tina discuss Nimrit and Shiv. Stan says he’d support Tina. He says he will play on his own accord from now on. Tina confesses her reservations about him in the preceding days.

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9:45 AM – Tina is pissed with Soundarya.

Tina requests Gautam to let her do kitchen duty with Sumbul. Tina tells Soundarya that she finds her dominating. The duo argue about what and how to cook for the day.

Meanwhile, Shalin says that Priyanka and Soundarya are ruling the kitchen.

10:45 AM – Gautam tries to sort out the kitchen issue.

Gautam and Soundarya discuss the kitchen issue. He says she shouldn’t give extra food to housemates. Soundarya states that she can’t deny food to housemates.

11:00 AM – Stan confronts Shiv.

Stan confesses to Shiv that he won’t be supporting Nimrit for captaincy. Shiv clears that if Nimrit supports only one in the team, he won’t back her as well. The duo discuss Nimrit’s antics from the previous days. Shiv clarifies that he will be prioritising his group before Nimrit.

11:15 AM – Archana’s outburst.

Archana bursts in front of Gautam. She says that she has the guts to do all the house duties all by herself without jataaoing anything.

Meanwhile, Gautam informs Soundarya that she will be doing the lunch and Archana will be handling dinner and cleaning all by herself. Soundarya argues.

Additionally, Tina shares her reservation against Soundarya with Shalin.

12:00 PM – Soundarya’s resolve.

Soundarya tells Stan that she will now make her good deeds count like other housemates. She is pissed with housemates questioning her individuality. She breaks down. Gautam comes to comfort her, but Soundarya is frustrated with him. Meanwhile, Sajid and Shalin make fun of Gautam’s new clean-shaven look.

2:45 PM – Abdu, the entertainer.

Abdu mimics Shalin and acts out his obsession with chicken. He also asks for his epic ‘burgir.’ He says if Shalin can get chicken everyday, he can get his burgir too.

3:45 PM – Shalin is pissed.

Tina calls out that Gautam is being unfair about his distribution of food. Shalin calls out people laughing at his medical condition. Priyanka gets irritated. Shalin and Priyanka get into a bitter row. Shalin says Priyanka has begun behaving like Archana. Ankit tries to come to the rescue of Priyanka, but the situation worsens. Shalin begins shouting. Priyanka says she’s happy to see the ‘real’ side of Shalin Bhanot.

Abdu clarifies that he was just joking. But Shalin states that Priyanka didn’t need to laugh and that he and Abdu share a different equation.

Priyanka is frustrated with the aukaat word Shalin used in the brawl. Shalin keeps calling her, Archana.

12:00 AM – New alliance in making.

Nimrit states that she is not worried, and that destiny conquers all. Shalin says that he’s ready to backstab Gautam to form an alliance with Shiv. Shalin states that Shiv is a reality-show champ.

1:30 AM – Gautam gets irritated.

Soundarya comes to Gautam taunting him for talking to different people. Gautam gets irritated with people trying to school him. He says that he doesn’t care about other housemates. Soundarya tries to pacify him and apologise for her taunt, but Gautam gets irritated. He says he’s not a kid.

8:00 AM – Good Morning BB!

Alarm rings and the housemates assemble in the garden area for the BB anthem. Shalin and Tina and Nimrit and Abdu hug.

9:00 AM – Archana talks to herself.

MC Stan points out Archana talking to herself. He thinks she has gone mental. Meanwhile, Gautam and Soundarya apologise to each other for the preceding night.

10:45 AM – Archana was once kidnapped.

Archana shares her personal experience of getting kidnapped with Soundarya. She shares how she used her mind to get out of the situation. She shares how this experience inspired her to enter politics.

11:15 AM – Captain Gautam is in the spot.

We all know how contestants got aggravated with the way Gautam acquired captaincy. Keeping this in mind, BB asks contestants to decide whether Captain Gautam should get the special nomination power that comes with the captaincy.

Gori, MC Stan, and Soundarya feel that he should get the power. However, Shiv, Shalin, Archana, Nimrit, Abdu, Priyanka, and Tina feel that he shouldn’t. Ankit announces the house’s decision after BB taunts him.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss brutally scolds Sajid for smoking outside the smoking room.

12:15 PM – The infamous nomination task.

BB adds a twist to this week’s nomination by asking housemates to stab each other in the back while nominating. He wants contestants to be upfront and nominate out in the open.

In the action-packed task, Sumbul nominates Archana and Shiv. Soundarya nominates Nimrit and Tina. BB taunts Soundarya for not speaking about her issues with the housemates earlier. Gori, Priyanka, and Ankit nominate Shalin and Archana. Ankit takes a mic-drop dig at Archana, and the housemates cheer.

Shalin nominates Priyanka and Soundarya. Nimrit nominates Soundarya and Sumbul. BB then calls Abdu, asking him to express his opinions independently. He nominates Sumbul and Priyanka. MC Stan nominates Archana and Sumbul. Archana nominates Ankit and Sumbul. Shiv nominates Soundarya and Sumbul. Tina nominates Archana and Soundarya. She calls Soundarya dominating. Sajid nominates Soundarya and Sumbul.

BB announces Sumbul, Soundarya, and Archana as the nominated contestants of the week. He says the three ladies will keep on wearing their jackets until he orders otherwise.

1:15 PM – It’s Shalin vs Priyanka again!

Ankit gets irritated with Priyanka for taking a dig at Shalin again. Priyanka wants to set the records straight on Shalin’s ‘aukaat‘ comment. Shalin asks Ankit to calm her down. Ankit gets irritated with Priyanka for dragging the same old issue. He asks her not to repeat the same thing 50 times.

Meanwhile, Gori tells Shiv that Nimrit is not trustworthy.

1:30 PM – Priyanka is pissed with Ankit.

Priyanka feels that Ankit is not supportive of her. She storms off in anger.

2:00 PM – Nimrit is confused.

Nimrit asks Shiv why Gori doesn’t listen to him.

2:30 PM – Priyanka is hurt.

Priyanka breaks down as Sajid tries to resolve the issue between her and Ankit. She is pissed with Ankit’s attitude problem which has been there for the past two years. Ankit gets irritated when she suggested that he’s being pretentious inside the house as compared to the reality outside.

5:00 PM – Abdu and Sajid’s Long Son-Short Son Show.

They invite Gautam as the first guest of the show. They question him about how he’d feel if Soundarya gets eliminated.

5:45 PM – Gori & Stan discuss Nimrit.

Stan and Gori discuss Nimrit. She also expresses her irritation with Sajid with the way he keeps on asking her for washing his shirts.

Gori tells Soundarya that they won’t be cooking for the next two days. Soundarya informs their decision to Gautam. He asks them to wait and let him play his game. Meanwhile, Stan also talks about his irritation with Shiv.

BB orders the nominated contestants to remove their jackets.

Now, wasn’t that a blockbuster episode? Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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