There’s clearly a lot that’s happening in Bigg Boss 16, including loads of entertainment and drama. But, with each week, we can feel the intensity going up – which is exactly how we like it. From new relationships to newer and exciting tasks, this week was definitely like a roller-coaster ride. After the Diwali celebrations, changing captaincies and the hostel task, things got real.

Bigg Boss 16

The last episode of Bigg Boss was all about confrontations, and revelations with the host, Salman. And now, we’re just waiting for more of it today on Shanivaar Ka Vaar. But before we get into what might happen, here’s what did happen in the last episode.

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1. Salman Khan schooled Ankit and Sumbul.

Salman pointed how both the contestants were not very visible on the show. He added that it looked like they were not interested in participating. The host even made Sumbul stand near the bedroom door to show her how she’s not the strong personality and competitor, she entered as.

2. Contestants believe that Sajid Khan influences Abdu.

Given that there’s a language barrier that exists when it comes to conversing with Abdu, Sajid Khan was assigned as his translator by Bigg Boss. However, the other participants felt that Sajid also influences Abdu’s decisions. After this, Sajid clarified that messages are lost in translation, and he hasn’t misinformed him things.

3. Salman took a stand for Abdu.

The host mentioned that unlike what other contestants believe, Abdu doesn’t need a guardian. He also added that the audiences like him for being his true self, and that he’s one of the most entertaining personality in the Bigg Boss house.

4. Gautam and Nimrit resolve their fight.

After their heated argument in the previous episode, as a result of Nimrit giving up ration to allow Shiv to run the captaincy race, the two finally talked things through. They discussed about what had happened and resolved the fight, while apologizing to each other.

5. Salman called out Gautam.

When Salman Khan talks about Nimrit and Soundarya’s decision to not take the ration, he calls out Gautam for being upset with Nimrit. He then adds that he should’ve been upfront, mentioning how Shiv and Nimrit are friends, but she’s just a vote for Gautam. Salman pointed out that it was her choice (which also made sense) to take Shiv’s side and not his.

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From the looks of the promo, here’s everything that will happen tonight on Bigg Boss 16.

1. Salman Khan offers the captaincy to Gautam.

The host will be seen offering the captaincy to Gautam, however, there’s a catch. He adds that he will have to give up on the ration for the whole house. Gautam accepts this offer and gives up the entire ration.

2. Someone will get evicted.

Salman Khan mentioned in the previous episode that he will be announcing about the elimination tonight. However, there’s a tease of a probable shocking news, and mention of the fact that Abdu might get eliminated this week – which is just one of the possibilities.

3. The contestants are angry with Gautam’s decision.

It is shown that Gautam chooses to give up on the entire ration for captaincy. This understandably led to a furious reaction from the other contestants. Sajid Khan will also be seen fighting with Gautam over the issue, mentioning that he cannot take away their meals for his personal benefits.

While tonight’s episode is all about major decisions and announcements, we’ll also see Katrina Kaif in the Bigg Boss house, to add spookiness to the Halloween weekend.

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