Housemates inside Bigg Boss 16 are really trying to bring out their A-game amid unexpected twists and fluctuating friendships. Be it Archana forever screaming or Abdu perpetually entertaining, BB 16 contestants are keeping the audiences engaged by highlighting various facets of their personalities.

But when it comes to Shalin Bhanot, people often question him for faking it inside the house. Contestants like Shiv and Gataum have often taken digs at the actor for incessantly overacting inside the house. Even Salman Khan and Bigg Boss himself have grilled him for being pretentious and annoying.

Bigg Boss 16 contestants
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But truth be told, there have been several junctures when the actor just did not come across as genuine to the audience. Here are 10 Shalin moments from Bigg Boss 16 that made us cringe really hard.

1. That time when Shalin suddenly changed his attitude towards Gautam as quick as lightning.

The entire BB 16 house, including Shalin, was raging at Gautam for gambling with house ration to acquire captaincy. When Salman Khan suggested that Gautam could get eliminated that week, Shalin got up with morose expressions and asked the latter to stop. Seeing this sudden shift in demeanour, the host, Salman, called him out. He even took a dig at Shalin’s thodi si humanity statement, saying, “agar thodi si humanity hoti na toh bohot kuch karlete tum.”

Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot Salman Khan
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2. When BB brutally called out Shalin’s annoying obsession with ‘extra 150 gm chicken,’ the actor’s response was to clarify the exact amount of chicken he needs in a day.

Upon being constantly pestered by Shalin for chicken, BB accepted the actor’s demands. But not before brutally scolding him for the same. Shalin looked down most of the time in the confession room as BB took his case in detail. For a second, we all felt that the actor realized he was becoming a bit irrational in his repeated requests. But, the actor surprised us when all he had to say after receiving strong criticism from BB was the precise amount of chicken he needed. Even Salman Khan took digs at him and called him Chicken Bhanot in a recent weekend episode.

BB 16 Shalin Bhanot Chicken
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3. When Tina confronted Shalin about his feelings for Sumbul…

In the first two weeks inside the Bigg Boss house, the audience and the housemates could spot a budding chemistry between Shalin and Sumbul. However, following Tina’s confrontation with the actor about the same, he started distancing himself from Sumbul. He never gave her any clarity, leaving her all perplexed and alone.

BB 16 Shalin Bhanot Tina Datta Sumbul Touqeer
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Sumbul was clueless about the narrative in the house until her dad graced the weekend episode to give her a reality check. At that moment, the actor got all apologetic.

Shalin Bhanot Bigg Boss 16
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4. And the next day, the actor behaved all shocked, surprised, and clueless about the entire affair when housemates called him out for being kiddish.

Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot Gautam Vig
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5. When Sumbul called Shalin’s dumb move out after he pinned the entire kissing-Soundarya episode on her.

You remember that time when Shalin kissed Soundarya and Gautam got all furious? Shalin confessed to Sumbul that he kissed Soundarya cos Tina suggested that if he wanted to know whether Sumbul had a thing for him, he could start giving importance to other female contestants. (phew, this sentence took a while)

Basically, Shalin gave in to Tina’s petty suggestion despite being a 38-year-old intelligent and mature individual.

BB 16 Shalin Bhanot Sumbul Touqeer
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6. When Shalin got all traumatised after the house rallied up against him for his aggression.

During Shiv versus Gautam’s captaincy task in the second week, Shalin got carried away in his bid to ensure Shiv gets defeated. His aggression triggered a furious brawl between him and Archana, where the latter alleged that he had been physically violent. Soon after the house protested against him, Shalin broke down and was traumatised by the entire affair. BB punished the actor by nominating him for two weeks and forbidding him from captaincy.

Shalin BB 16
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The audience called him out for pretending.

7. That time when Shalin lashed at the doctor for no reason.

After the entire aggression fiasco, Shalin’s behaviour was abrupt for some time. But the most problematic moment was when we let out his frustration on a doctor who had come to treat him. Salman scolded the actor in the following weekend episode for the same.

Bb 16 shalin bhanot doctor
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8. When Shalin suggested that he will mean it when he proposes to Tina during the hostel task, despite maintaining they’re just friends.

Both Shalin and Tina Datta share a confusing equation. While the actors maintain they’re just friends, they do everything possible to suggest otherwise. In the case of Shalin, the actor has expressed his feelings for Tina quite a few times while also stating they’re only friends.

Shalin Tina Bigg Boss 16
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9. When Shalin abruptly cried seeing Captain Abdu frustrated with Archana.

Even Abdu wasn’t crying.

Shalin Bhanot Abdu Rozik BB 16
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And the audience got super confused.

10. That time when Shalin wanted to save Shiv, between him and Sumbul, despite being her friend.

The horror-themed nomination task was quite interesting. When Shalin and Soundarya got invited to save one contestant between Shiv and Sumbul, the actor pitched for Shiv, even though he was closer to Sumbul. Apparently, he had wanted to settle Shiv’s debt on him from the preceding week. However, during the discussion with Soundarya, neither did Shalin take much effort to save Shiv, nor he pitched for his friend, Sumbul. In the end, he behaved as if he was forced to save Sumbul, despite it being a unanimous decision.

Shiv later called him out for pretending too much.

Bigg Boss 16 Soundarya Sharma Shalin Bhanot Shiv Thakare
Voot – Bigg Boss 16

Genuine or not, Shalin is surely entertaining the audience by leaving us all super confused with some of his responses.

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