So here we all are, having lost our hearts to Bradley Cooper, every time he smiled onscreen. From The Hangover to American Sniper, he is one absolute gem of an actor. And now with A Star Is Born he has again made us surrender all our attention to him, and we are not complaining.

Love This Pic

This 43-year-old, is one blue-eyed and big-hearted wizard. According to Look To The Stars, he has supported charities like Alzheimer’s Association, Cancer Research Institute and more.


Brace your heart, a Greek God is amongst us.

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Would you look at this puppy face, though? 


Four times Academy Award nominee, he’s the People’s Sexiest Man Alive’11.

In 2015, Time magazine enlisted him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. 


Bradley is a huge dog-person. His first dog was named Samson, whom he rescued a week before he was about to be euthanised.

Stars Changes

But, sadly Samson died at age 13, in the year 2010, and Bradley has his portrait hung in his living room.

I don’t know what to tell you, but you can’t not trust and admire a man, who loves his pet puppers like this.

Stars Changes

That perfect brown hair, splendid personality, and warm smile – package, I say, complete package.

b’Source – WMagazine’


Sweatpants and coffee

There’s nothing like perfectio…. Oh.


Eight more reasons to justify my love for him.

Sweatpants and coffee

What the holy sheep.

Everyone, together now: Awwwww.


Ah, if only I could wake up to this face every day.


Did you know though, he almost decided to quit the industry after his role in the second season of Alias got demoted? 


I would go on, but alas that’s all the Bradley Cooper I can handle, before I lose my sanity.

Exaggerated? Yes. But tell me if it’s not true for you, too.

Wicked facts

Cool now, let’s get drunk on The Hangover, to cure this hungover Bradley gave us?