The second trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home starts with Tom Holland giving a spoiler alert. 

Now that you’ve been warned, the trailer deals with the aftermath of Endgame but also opens up new possibilities for the MCU. Let’s go through it again. 

1. The whole world is mourning Tony Stark’s death, including Peter Parker.

Tony’s death was obviously a huge loss for everyone. But since Peter always saw him as a surrogate father figure, it hit him the most. At the beginning of the trailer, we see a mural of Iron Man and Peter is looking at it and still mourning. 


After all, it was Tony’s love for Peter and the grief over his death that made the former solve time travel in the first place. 

2. The Iron-Spider suit is still in play. 

With Tony gone, we have no idea who repairs the suit if it gets damaged. 


But for now, we see Peter clinging on to it and fighting a bunch of armed thugs. 


3. Peter sends Nick Fury to voicemail. Probably not his best idea!

With the OG Avengers gone, Nick Fury obviously needs Peter to help the world. I mean, Fury must be desperate if he’s also trying to reach Happy Hogan. 


But Parker is of a different mind and he ghosts Fury and leaves Happy to take care of it.  


4. The multiverse exists in the MCU!

We don’t know if it was Thanos’ snap or Tony’s snap, but it did pierce a hole through our dimension. 


This opens up so many new avenues. And with Marvel buying the rights of multiple characters from Fox, it just paves the path for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to get into the fold. 


5. Mysterio claims to have come from an alternate universe – another version of Earth. 

Quentin Beck, as we know him from the comics, claims to have been chasing the Elementals from this another dimension. This obviously confirms the multiverse theory.


But from his scene, it is hard to tell if he is the bad guy as many of us had originally thought him to be. 

6. The friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has a big mouth on him. 

The Peter Parker from the comics was a cheeky one. And it seems like they have incorporated the version of him in the films too. In a scene where the cops talk to him after he beats up the bad guys, he tells them that he doesn’t have time to be Iron Man because he was busy doing their jobs. 


7. With Thor gone with the Guardians and Captain Marvel out of reach, Peter is the only Avenger left. 

Okay, so we don’t have any idea what Professor Hulk is up to nowadays. But it appears that Peter Parker, who just wanted to get back to being the friendly neighbourhood guy is the only Avenger in town. 


8. The Elementals appear to be really badass awesome villains. 

And we are glad that the snap brought them to our reality. In the trailer, we see the versions of them that have been loosely adapted from the classic Spidey villains derived from different elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

9. Spider-Man’s stealth suit really resembles the suit from Spider-Man Noir.

With Tony Stark gone, it would seem that this new suit is courtesy of Nick Fury. The armoured suit seems to have been taken from To The Ends of the Earth comics but has a hint of the Spider-Man Noir in it. 

10. MJ knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man. 

Or is she just messing with him? She could, for all we know. This MJ is extremely different from the Mary Jane we knew from the comics or from Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal in the Sam Rami trilogy. 

11. Peter Parker gets Tony Stark’s glasses. 

Peter dons a pair of glasses that seem oddly similar to the ones Tony wore in Infinity War and Endgame. Which means that they have Stark tech in them. Or maybe they have the nanotech. Could we see a new bleeding edge Spidey suit? 

12. Who’s the next Iron-Man?

Throughout the trailer, we get multiple references to the loss everyone feels after Stark’s death. 

The world needs Tony Stark. And this version of Spider-Man has been inspired by him. Peter even uses the same tech as Tony. So it’s not unlikely that we get to see some form of the Iron Man in this film. 

13. Happy seems to have become a manager for Peter Parker. 

Mind you, Happy Hogan works with Spider-Man, not for him. If you forget that, he will come on your school trip and remind you!

After Tony’s death, Happy seems to have taken the mantle of mentor and has been helping Peter in being a superhero. Which explains why he was out in Europe on a rescue mission to help the kids. 

14. This trailer reveals the fourth Elemental, fighting over the Tower Bridge. 

The first trailer had only shown the first three Elementals in action. This one confirms the fourth – a wind-based creature wreaking havoc on the Tower Bridge. 

15. Peter Parker is so out of his depth. 

Even though Nick Fury wants him in the game as he’s been in space and has fought the Mad Titan himself, Peter here seems way out of his league fighting the Molten Man!

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the last film of Phase III of the MCU.