“The heart was made to be broken” – Oscar Wilde

All of us have had relationships at some point in our lives. Being somebody’s center of attention, is a special feeling. Love is at beautiful experience. Our hearts long for the one and our lives begin to revolve around them.However, sometimes, things don’t go right and breaking up is the only way out. How people handle a break-up is another issue. Some of us take it quite well while others just slip into denial or go crazy. Such people take a lot of time to come to terms with their break up.

These are things we have all done, or seen our heartbroken friends do, to cope with a break-up.

1. Go for an adventure trip

You suddenly go into Khatro Ke Khiladi mode. Sometimes, you even drag your poor friends into it.


2. Join hobby classes

Being in love with your ex was your one and only hobby in life. But look at you now! All of a  sudden you love painting, photography, dancing, growing bonsai, making sushi and what not.


3. Adopt a pet

Did you just replace your ex with a pet? What animal did you get? *Evil smile*


4. Go on a dating spree

Some of us just go a little cuckoo after a break up and date every second man/woman in our contact list.


5. Write hate mails

Yes! People really do that. I had a friend whose girlfriend wrote him a 1000 word hate mail. Dude! Is this a hate mail or a thesis paper for your final semester?


6. Fake Lover

If you think faking a new romance is going to get your ex’s attention, you’re mistake. So, stop faking a ‘new relationship’. Rather, go for a real one and have fun.


7. Get a n ew haircut

This one is especially  true for girls. They are finally single and ready to experiment. They try everything from pixie to long bob, whatever pleases them.


8. Indulge in Retail Therapy

Easy on your feelings, hard on your parents’ pocket. But who cares until it makes you happy and doesn’t remind you of your ex.


9. Befriend your ex’s other exes

You lose a lover, but you definitely gain a friend. In this friend you find solace because you bitch about your ex ‘so much’.


10. Drunken Master

Daaru peete hain. Period.


I guess, Honey Singh can help you here. “Aaj maine break up ki party rakh li hai…Yo Yo Honey Singh.”