India versus Pakistan match at the Asia Cup is an emotional rollercoaster we all readily sign up for. While we did ‘mauke pe chauka‘ the first time, the second Ind vs Pak match was a ride that ended in Pakistan’s favour (only after a highly competitive innings). 

But for some mysterious reason, trolls on the Internet start prying upon cricketers and their families whenever a match is due. We all know how viciously they’ve blamed Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli’s performance over the years. (facepalming hard) 

Well, this time somebody tried attacking Jasprit Bumrah (who’s not even playing the Asia Cup btw) after his wife, Sanjana Ganesan, uploaded a throwback picture on Instagram. 

The man tried taking a jibe at the couple while remarking that they were having the time of their lives while India’s in a gripping state at the Asia Cup. But, Sanjana wouldn’t have it, and she retorted with a sassy reply that has now gone viral.

The comment is now deleted, but Sanjana uploaded a story with the promise of “taking down one chomu aadmi at a time.” She also gave a noteworthy reminder that bullies are bullies regardless of their religion, ethnicity, and nationality.

Sanjana Ganesan’s Instagram

While everybody on her profile is in search for that sensational comment.

But isn’t it crazy how people think cricketers and their personal lives are responsible for everything happening on the field? 

Not just this, after Arshdeep Singh dropped a catch during the nailbiting IND vs PAK match, people started attacking and hurling abuses at the cricketer as if he did it ‘on purpose.’ 

One bad day doesn’t define anything and surely doesn’t change the fact that we’ve got one of the best teams in the world. Watching cricket religiously is one thing, but getting fanatic about it is something else. (It’s a red flag reminding you to get a job in life)

While we’re a country of cricket lovers, let’s respect our cricketers and their personal lives. And let us all please watch the cricket matches in the way they’re meant to be watched and not by shamming and trolling cricketers just because we’ve nothing better to do.