Ever since Hugh Jackman took up the mantle and immortalised the character of Wolverine, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the iconic role. But like every successful franchise, this one will be rebooted too, and there will be another who will try and fill these impossible boots.

We tried to look for the perfect actor who could be Wolverine next. And here are some candidates.

1. Tom Hardy

For the classic time-travelling mutant maybe, cause he could fit into any era.

Umm. Not really though. He’s too butch. We need some heart.

2. Bradley Cooper

He’d fit right in with any mutant group. 

But Wolverine is supposed to be an outlier. So no.

3. Tom Cruise

As the mildly aged intense Logan.

Minus the rusticness? Thank you, next.

4. Jon Bernthal

The rawness and “don’t fuck with me” aura could be spot on.

But it’s a little too raw. We want someone slightly sauteed in moral code.

5. Wentworth Miller

If he can handle a prison break he could handle breaking out of a mutant facility.

But can he drive across the country for a girl he started to care about and only recently discovered is his daughter only to die in her arms? We think not. 

6. Penn Badgley

A younger Wolverine who’d come of age as a mutant maybe?

Who are we kidding? Naw. 

7. Jason Momoa

As the cage-fighting savage beast we all grow to love.

But there’s so much more to him than just the cage-fighting savage beast. So maybe not.

8.  Milo Ventimiglia

As a father-figure and the morally ambiguous family man, Logan.

But does he look like he can dig his claws into the love of his life when needed? Don’t think so.

9. Keanu Reeves

The classic action hero.

But we need one for the ages. 

10. John Krasinski

A good combination of intensity and heart.

A little too much heart. So no. 

We’re all out of options. But who are we kidding?

No one can ever replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

There can be no one like you.