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Can You Get A 'Very Okay' Score In This Ultimate 'Dhoom' Quiz?

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Remember when Dhoom came out? Everyone was either watching it or talking about it which is why let's see how well you remember this dhamekdar movie. 

1. Fill in the blank. The title of the movie was inspired by a song from the movie___?

2. Who was all set to play the role of Kabir before John? 

3. In the movie, Abhishek plays the role of a/an___?

4. What's the name of Abhishek's wife in the movie? 

5. Which city does the biker gang go to perform their final heist before they part ways?

6. How does Kabir die in the movie? 

7. How many songs are there in the movie? 

8. How is Ali related to Jai? 

9. Whom does Ali fall in love with? 

10. How does Kabir Challenge Jai in the movie? 

11. Complete the song. Dhoom dhoom come and light my___?

12. Who is the director of the movie? 

So, what was your score? 


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