You are either a Sex and the City fan or you have dissed the show without even giving it a chance.

Set in New York City, even though the show was filmed in the 90s, even after almost two decades, there hasn’t been a single show that’s connected with women as much as this one. 

The honest, brutal show about the lives of single women with enriching professional lives but not-so-comforting personal ones wasn’t shy of discussing anything under the sun. Be it anal sex or pregnancy, there wasn’t a single topic concerning single women that was not covered on Sex and the City

And we saw it all unfolding through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).


But is it just me or does everybody agree that Carrie was probably the most screwed up character on the show?

Carrie had an on-off relationship with Mr. Big for years and every time there was something wrong with her dating life, she easily put the blame on him. He didn’t want a marriage and he was pretty straight forward in saying that out loud. But Carrie was hell-bent on blaming him for everything.

She even had an affair with him while he was married to Natasha but as always, Mr. Big ended up being the bad guy.


Carrie’s friends were the closest thing she had to a family but she was quick to ignore them when they didn’t fit in her schedule.

Remember the time when she sent Aidan to help Miranda while she was injured and naked in her apartment? If that was me, I would be furious! 

Samantha offered unconditional support to Carrie throughout the ‘having-an-affair-with-a-married-man’ episode but she was quick to judge Samantha for her adventurous sex life.

She kept repeating how her friends were like family for her but as soon as a boyfriend entered the picture, the friends were instantly pushed to a corner. Whether it was Mr. Big or Aleksandr Petrovsky, Carrie was quick to cancel all her plans at the drop of a hat as soon as she got a call from her man.


I’m all for supporting a woman when crisis hits, be it with her boyfriend or her landlord, but you can’t just not give a shit about your problems and expect people to help you out.

Carrie prided herself on having no savings but a wardrobe that had every possible label in it. Frankly, for a woman in her 30s, that’s nothing to be proud of. She even guilt-tripped Charlotte into mortgaging her wedding ring and made it look like a test of their friendship.


Carrie repeated a million times over that all she wanted was love but when it knocked on her door, got down on one knee and proposed marriage, she bailed out. As the series progressed, she wasn’t even keen on falling in love and just wanted to settle down. 

Hell, she moved to another country for that, leaving her job and friends behind.


For years, she couldn’t help but wonder about the little observations of life and here, we were left wondering if she had too much time on her hands. 

Between all the parties she had to attend and all the friends she manipulated into gifting her shoes, Carrie had no adult-life responsibilities and still whined about submitting her column at the last minute, every week.


The woman tells her story without declaring her flaws and wears gold necklaces to bed. Without a doubt, Carrie was the most indecisive woman on the show who loved being the center of attention and we’re still surprised how her friends put up with her!

For every woman who has spent countless weekends watching SATC marathons, we can’t help but wonder, was Carrie even worth being the narrator?