Recently, music producer, Yashraj Mukhate came up with the best mashup of 2020 and literally blew everyone’s mind with his addictive “Main Thi Tum Thi Kaun Tha” Kokila Ben masterpiece. 

But ever since this catchy mashup dominated everybody’s playlist, literally every single person has wondered about the channa debacle. Like why would Gopi snitch on Rashi and who in fact was in the rasoda? 

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Well, we have acquired the visual footage of what happened to those chanas in the rasoda when Kokila Ben was bathing because somebody spilled juice on her instead of spilling the tea. 

I have so many questions. First of all, what if somebody opened the dustbin to throw some trash and saw the half-boiled channas? How did the channas not attract flies? 

Secondly, in a country where not everybody has the privilege to afford even the three meals of a day, why would you choose to throw away food even if it is for a scene?

Most importantly, how did Rashi Ben manage to open the cooker without popping the seeti ( that would logically alarm everybody)? When Gopi Bahu had chadha-oed the cooker on the gas and cooker mein pressure ban raha tha?

 I must learn this sly ninja technique. What are these cheap thrills Loki Rashi Ben? 

Desi Twitter is shocked and amazed at the same time to discover this bit of information: 

At least we know the origin of the Chana-gate scandal now. I can sleep in peace tonight.