The economic hit of coronavirus has been difficult for most of us. People around the world are taking pay cuts, losing their jobs and making decisions to keep their businesses afloat. 

One such hard decision was made by celebrity chef and entrepreneur, Pooja Dhingra who decided to shut down her beloved Le 15 Patisserie + Cafe in Colaba

Deciding to close our Le15 Café in Colaba is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. The night before I decided to do it, I couldn’t sleep. I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I have in the past week. Flashes of how I have built it keep coming to my mind. 

                    - Pooja Dingra in Conde Nast

She shared her story of shutting down a place she built with love for 10 years. One of the most popular cafes in Mumbai and a celeb favourite, it will surely be missed. 

Celebrities have come forward to support Pooja during this time and share their love for her work. 

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@poojadhingra is one of the bravest people I know. No, not because she’s one of my closest friends but because she’s someone who believes in the power of her dreams (thoughts become things is commonly heard if you know Pooj). Le15 Cafe, Colaba, was my home away from home. My secret hangout during its early days when Pooj had just opened (and kindly allowed us to shoot our Dandelion campaign there on a whim!). While I was lusting over a store in the area she helped me make it happen, fed my team and I through it all and then enjoyed Clove just as much as I did when we opened doors. We often joked about being the Colaba Crew - with members being added as we went along. Poojie, You asked for stories on the cafe - this is mine. While Colaba won’t be the same, here’s to the girl who is known to dream dreams. I can’t wait to see what you do next but until then thank you for making me part of your journey and being part of mine. I love you! ❤️

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The chef added that she will be putting out an e-book of their recipes from the cafe to keep it alive in the hearts of people who loved it dearly. 

This is not a goodbye from that cafe near the Gateway of India; it’s a Thank You for giving us the privilege to be a part of your lives. 

                    - Pooja Dingra in Conde Nast

We can't wait to see what Pooja has in store for us next.