Let’s face it: we all have been there. Hours of mindless scrolling on Facebook making us feel guilty with our brain screaming “STOP!” the loudest it can, but our thumbs on the mobile screen or fingers on the keyboard always seem to have other plans. Well, even if none of us (sadly) could ever put our scrolling sprees on hold, this guy surely had it all figured out. CEO of wearable device company Pavlok, the Indian-American Maneesh Sethi, had once hired a woman named Kara to slap him every time his social media desires got the best of him and he strayed off to use Facebook. 


In 2012, Sethi advertised on Craigslist that he was looking for a ‘slapper’ for $8 an hour to watch his screen and slap him if he went on Facebook, in order to increase his productivity. Well, his ‘painful’ decision didn’t go in vain, as his productivity did increase to 98%!

The photo of Sethi being slapped by Kara recently resurfaced as Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, reacted to the picture with two fire emojis, apparently branding the whole stunt as LIT. It’s what is is. 

Sethi himself was baffled as he realized that Elon Musk had reacted to his idea. His response is as funny as the content itself. 

Netizens couldn’t resist responding to this whole incident. Here are the best reactions:

At the end we’d just say, modern problems require modern solutions!