As we all know, Chris Hemsworth was in India shooting for his Netflix Debut Dhaka. But it breaks my heart to let you guys know that it’s time to bid him goodbye.

According to his Instagram, his next stop is Thailand to continue shooting for the film.  As much as I want this film to be wrapped up quickly so I can literally ‘Netflix & Chris’, I don’t want this Greek God to leave. 

I didn’t even get to see him! 

But more than us, it was Thor who was so overwhelmed with India’s reaction to his visit. I mean, how often do we get to see our Marvel superheroes in real life anyway?

But love isn’t the only thing that overwhelmed him. Our country didn’t let Thor escape the big fat great Indian traffic jams. During his visit, he shared stories on Instagram while being stuck in Ahmedabad’s traffic. He sarcastically called it ‘beautiful chaos’.

But not as beautiful as you, Chris! (Mike Posner’s ‘Please don’t go’ plays in the background)


I mean, just knowing the fact that this face was just kilometres away from me makes me content with life.

Vanity Fair

Look at him smiling with the children! 

(Ross’ voice) Could he BE more perfect?

I hope Netflix continues to star him in movies like this so that we will be blessed with his mesmerising presence again.