You’ve seen the Royal Wedding. You’ve seen the Ambani engagement. But you’ve not seen opulence till you’ve seen the sheer opulence showcased in the movie Crazy Rich Asians.


After a lot of hype and delay, fiinally, Crazy Rich Asians released in India. And the rush to watch the movie was immediate, to say the least. 


And while the Indian censor board beeped out a few of the choicest swears, what they could not cut out was the moolah that the ‘Young’ family and their friends rake in, and spend. Not unlike our own favourite rich family, the Ambanis!

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In fact, we compared the wealth showcased in Crazy Rich Asians with what Ambanis have, and here are the decadent results: 

1. When it comes to hotel stays, it is nothing but the finest hotel that comes into consideration for these families. 

Nick Young and Rachel Chu stay at a suite at the Raffles Hotel when they are in Singapore. One night at the suite costs approximately costs $7,500.


When the Ambanis planned their daughter’s engagement, they booked rooms at the vintage property of The Villa d’Este at Lake Como. A room here costs $945.12 or ₹70,000 per night.


2. Between the Youngs and the Ambanis, their mansions (because who would call their place a house) could house a small village! 

It is hard to calculate how expensive the Young House really is, but the claim in the movie is that the mansion – at the Tyresall Park – costs nearly $200m. 


Our real-life comparison is against Mukesh Ambani, whose house Antilia is the most expensive house in the world, costing a whopping ₹1,31,51,00,00,000 or over $100m.


3. The next time you’re hunting for discounts on budget flights, remember that both the Young and the Ambani family don’t book tickets, because they own airplanes. 

Technically, according to what Nick Young claims in the movie, the fictional Pacific Asean Airlines belonged to business partner and family friends. But to compare, one first-class return flight from JFK to Changi of Singapore Airlines costs around $14k. 


Also, they use private helicopters to head out to the bachelor party, which would have cost approximately $36 million. 


Well, Mukesh Ambani also owns a Boeing Airbus 319 that costs ₹467 crores or approximately $63m. Gives a whole new meaning to flying in style! Oh, and not to stop there, he also owns a Falcon 900EX that costs ₹983 crores. 


4. These families own some real expensive shit! 

The final ring with which Nick Young proposes is a gorgeous emerald ring set between two diamonds. While the exact value of the ring is not known, what is true is that the ring is actually from the real collection of actress Michelle Yeoh. But a basic Harry Winston three stone diamond and emerald ring cost approximately $61,000. 


But even the Ambanis own a futuristic vanity van costing ₹25 crores.  


5. Singapore is known for an expensive automobile industry. But you wouldn’t know that seeing the collection that the Young family and their friends have. 

From all the exclusive cars shown, the most easily recognizable were Mercedes-AMG GT, an Audi R8, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a Jeep Defender. The collective cost of these cars is approximately over $1m. 


The collective worth of the cars that Ambanis own is almost $5mn. Here’s a look at the cars that they own.

6. The Crazy Rich Asians and the Ambani family don’t just plan functions, the plan vaca-functions (functions turned vacations). 

Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee’s wedding in the movie is the wedding party everyone wants to attend. The wedding in the movie costs $40m – but when you’re recreating the Swan Lake at a venue (CHIJMES) where even a solemnization reception will cost you $16,988, then yeah $40m is not that far a stretch.  


Isha Ambani had three different functions leading up to her engagement – a roka party, a pre-engagement bash and then a three-day long engagement party at one of the fanciest destinations! Akash Ambani’s engagement was no less fancy. Only Hindi serials could beat Ambanis for the long drawn engagement functions. 


Can’t even imagine what the weddings will be like! 

7. And let’s just, they can easily manage their way around the sea – what with all the private fleets they have at their disposal. 

When a bachelor party was planned for Colin Khoo in Crazy Rich Asians, it was planned in the middle of the sea on a container ship. The total cost was approximately $120k.


Even the hen party happened on a family owned island called Samsara Island. Yes, you read that right – a whole island! 


Well, the Ambani children can easily plan a bachelor party in the middle of the sea too, at their $23m yacht. 


*The last bachelor party I attended was a house party.* 

8. Because no one does extra like the rich and famous do extra! 

The boys at the bachelor party have their very own rocket launcher – which costs a little less than a thousand dollars. 


The wedding reception takes place under the Skytree at the iconic Garden By The Bay in Singapore, which in reality is not available for hosting events. 


But the Marine Sands Rooftop – where the end Nick and Rachel celebrate their own engagement – is available and costs over $72,000 for a night. 


But hey, the Ambanis are not far behind. Other than the fact that almost every Bollywood A-lister attended the functions (and were reportedly flown in first class), John Legend performed at the ceremony. 

Also, flower showers, a sky full of fireworks, personalized holograms and opulent decorations marked the event. 

And mind you, this was just the engagement


But even at Akash Ambani’s engagement, the whole Bollywood got together to give a movie style flashmob performances. 

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Now I’ll leave you to ponder over these facts as I channel inner peace by repeating to myself, paisa toh haath ki mail hai!