Spoilers ahead! Do not scroll down if you haven't watched the episode.

Tell me that doesn't look like the beginning of the Mad Queen's reign!

I mean, after previous episode's events I would be really surprised if that's not the case. The show has been foreshadowing it for so long that it would be weird to not see it happen in the penultimate episode of GoT

Through the course of her life, Daenerys has been the victim multiple times. Her brother sold her to a Dothraki warlord like a mare. She was raped, her dragons were sold, her friends were murdered. And yet here she stands.

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Daenerys has long believed that the purpose of her life is to be the breaker of chains and the end of tyrants. And she would go to any lengths to achieve that goal, damn the consequences. 

Like Tyrion said in this episode, she was a girl who went into a pyre with stones and walked out with three dragons. So of course, like every monarch before her, she believes herself to be the saviour of masses. 

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She has been ruthless towards her enemies. She burnt men who kept the Unsullied as slaves. She burnt down fleets when the former slave masters tried to take the city and restore slavery again.

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She burnt Randall and Dickon Tarly when they refused to bend the knee. 

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Although Tyrion and Lord Varys have long been trying to manage her, it was always Missandei and Greyworm she held dearest. 

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Mostly because both of them were loyal to a fault. They owed their lives and freedom to her and would die for her. 

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And Missandei just did.

Since her arrival in Westeros, Daenerys has anyway been on edge. She had imagined a swift takeover of King's Landing with her dragons. 

But Tyrion's tactics to save the city cost her, her most powerful allies. Then she got dragged into the Battle of Winterfell and lost almost half her army trying to protect the North. 

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But the Northerners just don't like her or trust her. Neither does Sansa. And to be honest, she seems a bit scared of Sansa. 

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Although she doesn't see Jon as an enemy, she definitely sees him as a threat to her claim to the Iron Throne. 

Jon never asks for any title but gets them anyway. Besides, not only do people like him more, but he now also has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. 

Also did you notice the way she looked at Tyrion as he was speaking to Jaime?

It is well known that the Mad King, Dany's father saw enemies everywhere. In today's episode, she smiles with the Starks and all those present but she also perceives them as legitimate threats. 

Then Euron Greyjoy went ahead and killed Rhaegal right in front of her!

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At this point, it was pretty obvious that not only was she grieving the loss of her two dragons but was also seriously aware that Drogon was also vulnerable and without the dragons, she wouldn't stand a chance against Cersei. 

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But the prospect of releasing Missandei made her wait longer. Sure, Tyrion might make you think that she tried to talk to Cersei for the innocent people in the Red Keep but we know, right?

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So Cersei beheading Missandei, Dany's most trusted ally in front of her was probably the last straw that breaks the camel's back. 

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Even Missandei's last words were Dracarys. She literally, with her last breath, asked Daenerys to burn it all down. 

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So come next episode, Daenerys might just become the one thing we have feared the most: The Mad Queen.