Daniel Craig’s coming back to the big screen as Bond in the newest installment to the series, Spectre , and perhaps, for the last time. Considering the fact that Craig had some huge shoes to fill from where veterans like Sean Connery and Roger Moore left off, which most opined Craig was incapable of, this writer felt compelled to tribute an ode to arguably the best Bond in history. Since, there’s been a fair amount of speculation to who the best Bond was, I’d like to put my two cents in to why Craig takes it. Here’s why:

The succession of great characters, played by splendid actors with more than memorable performances, usually fuels hate fire from fans and critics alike.

Craig was no stranger to this manner of dismissal, when the virtually unknown actor was announced to take up the role that Sean Connery epitomized, Roger Moore owned, and Pierce Brosnan kind of made look cool, toward what most critics counted as the near end of the franchise itself.

Heath Ledger’s Joker to Jack Nicholson’s, Ben Affleck’s Batman to Christian Bale’s, and now, Jared Leto’s Joker to Heath Ledger’s; the list goes on and on, and critics usually find a way to put their foots in their mouths.

He was too short, too blonde, and too blue-eyed, most fans quipped, only to have to take their words back a decade later.