We all like to champion Bollywood’s cause because every once in a while we are treated to a Neerja or a Lunchbox. But more often than not, the movie industry is plagued with drivel that some like to call ‘cinema’.

One such movie is Days of Tafree. For the uninitiated, tafree refers to as chilling or bakchodi. In one such event of bakchodi, some guys actually put in money to produce this movie.


For some reason people are partying their asses off in a sequence that seems like Wolf of Wall Street (Ghatkopar edition). Then comes the barrage of sexist and misogynist jokes and you know… it’s highly acceptable in our society. 


And then comes the kicker. The characters in the movie break the fourth wall. If you’re able to survive that long in this cringefest (that they’ve called a trailer), you’ll also see a joke about farts and bodyshaming. Lol. Our sides are in the orbit over Baba Kondke level jokes. Brilliant humour, guys. 

Here’s the trailer:

Looks like someone took Pyaar ka Punchnaama and thought that it’ll be great if they set it during college days. The movie also shares an uncanny resemblance to another movie named Chello Divas.

Good going, Bollywood. Keep coming up with this claptrap so that we can appreciate even half-arse attempts at making a decent movie.

Author’s Note: For the uninitiated, a huge chunk of this article is ripe with sarcasm. So please don’t get worked up.