We live in the year 2022. Mankind has ruined the Game of Thrones season finale and resurrected a spin-off that surpasses the original. Nothing is impossible, you see.  

And being on Twitter means being aware of the bizarre, unbelievable happenings taking place throughout the globe.  Case in point: The face of a mummy from Egypt has been reconstructed and al we gotta say is she’s drop ‘dead ‘ gorgeous. 

Twitter is going dayum over this fayum! Keep reading till the end as desi Twitter has a surprise revelation for you.  

And, somebody went a little too far and drew a parallel between this reconstructed face and Rinky from Panchayat. Now I can’t unsee it. 

Rinki, if you’re reading this then know that you are an Egyptian beauty. The Malkopur guy didn’t deserve you. 

“Everything reminds me of her.” 

I’m deceased over this beauty.