Dev Patel made his debut in 2008 with the highly-acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire. The movie was quite a favourite at the Academy Awards and Dev enjoyed all the praise that came his way. 

And now, at the 89th Academy Awards, Dev Patel was nominated for his first-ever Oscar for his performance in Lion in the Best Supporting Actor category.

And Dev – like a perfect son – brought his mother Anita Patel as his date at the Oscars Red Carpet.

Look at how proud she looks!

Dev looked so happy being with his mom on such an important night of his career.

Sunny Pawar, Dev’s co-star from Lion also attended the Oscars and Dev took care of him like an older brother.

Look at him being proud of Sunny.

And cheering him on with so much excitement!

Dev, you are just too good to be true!