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Did Kangana Ranaut Say This Or Did A Neighbourhood Uncle Say It?

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Nothing can stop Kangana Ranaut from talking and tweeting about every topic under the sun. 

via Indian Express

The question is, how much of it does one actually remember? 

1. On faith: "Everything begins with faith and ends at lack of it."

2. On the reservation system: "Side effects of reservations, when unworthy and undeserving gets the power they don’t heal they only hurt."

3. On the ban on Chinese products: "Banning all Chinese products is a masterstroke. Now this Twitter must be banned too."

4. On embracing Hindu culture: "Come out of slave mode, in your veins flows the blood of Rama, Krishna, Laxmi and Ahaliya Bai, roar like a wounded beast."

5. On imitating others: "Stop being a sasti copy."

via TOI

6. On Joe Biden becoming the US president: "Not sure about Gajni Biden who’s data crashes every 5 minutes, all the medicines they have injected in to him he won’t last more than a year."

7. On the farmers' protest: "These farmers are better actors than the nepo-kids that Pappu Johar launches and the b-grade actors that know how to be bullywood chaploos 101." 

8. On life's conflict: "Eternal conflict will always be glamour or delicate subtlety?"

9. On PM Modi: "Jaise dubte ko tinke ka sahara, vaise hi Akhand Bharat ko Modi ji ka sahara."

via INKL

10. On intelligence: "The kind of intelligence I display as a human being, no other person on this globe has that right now. Isse kehte hain tajurba."

11. On being a Sanghi: "I know the feeling what it is like to be a Sanghi without going to a Shakha."

12. On Devotion: "Devotion is the most profound dimension of intelligence."

Let's see how much you scored. 


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