There’s something so innately precious about women’s friendships. The bond the two women share as friends is heartwarming. A recent post by Instagram influencer Dolly Singh sums up the warmth of women’s friendships beautifully.

Shot by Tarun Chouhan, a Mumbai-based photographer, the photos show Dolly Singh and her friend (Samridhi Dewan) having the time of their lives in Lodhi Garden, Delhi. What really sets these photos apart is the vision behind them. The photos look straight from the 70s/80s black and white photo album where women spent their time in local parks and got beautiful candids clicked of them.

In a world of perfectly curated pictures for Instagram, this series feels like a breath of fresh air. Tarun Chouhan has aptly titled the series as ‘Saheliyaan‘ which translates to a woman friend in Hindi. Dolly Singh curated the series and compiled them as an Instagram reel.

The reel has received more than 93K likes and over 645K views. Here’s what people had to say about this photo series.

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You can check the other pictures from the series on Tarun Chouhan’s Instagram page here.