Alright guys. Buckle up. The wait is about to be over in the matter of a few moments from now. 


The Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, is all set to release on Netflix in the next few minutes. The movie is a continuation of the storyline following the events of the final episode of the show that released 6 years ago. 

Radio times

From what we can gather after watching the trailer, we know that Jesse Pinkman is in some deep shit with law enforcement agencies and is looking to hide. He looks exhausted and tortured, both mentally and physically. 


Watch the trailer here:

Also, for your memory, here’s Aaron Paul explaining the entire series in a very short amount of time. 

However, we are yet to see Walter White in the movie. Actually we aren’t even sure that he is in the film. 


Anyhow, stop whatever you are doing and get your chips and cookies in order. Because it’s about to get real crazy out there.